BASN Classic BlackBox: For Sale

Updated: November 24, 2007

A BASN Classic BlackBox Last Updated:August 12, 2007 For Sale Wallace ” HELP ME BLACK ATHLETE ”

As you know BASN

does not do classified ads

( maybe we should ?? )

but we’re always ready

to help a Brother IF

you are an athlete well

Rasheed Wallace needs

BASN’s assistance to

sell his expensive house

in Portland, Oregon

And since we have so many affluent readers as well as many Common People – you who can get fantasy value here – with the markets troubled, hedge funds less attractive, and it being a buyer’s market for real estate RASHEED YOUR PROBLEMS ARE OVER. The Box is here for you !

( we’ll talk about our commission later )

Rasheed’s problem since leaving the Portland Trailblazers for the Detroit Pistons 3 years ago, is that Rasheed owns one of the biggest and most expensive homes in the Portland Oregon area not normally known for Big Buck locals or displays of ostentatious wealth. To make things worse Portland does not have an NFL or even an MLB team which would have offered Rasheed lots of other flamboyant pro athletes with tastes like his to buy his house.

Let this be a Lesson

Black Box readers

it isn’t easy being


count your Blessings !

In fact we don’t do enough to teach young people about the Burdens of Wealth.

Rich folk Black and White have lots of PROBLEMS. So thank God most Rich People are WHITE. Let them be Burdened with Wealth. Except in this case so is Rasheed Wallace. And he needs our help.

Rather than try and describe the Portland house ourselves it makes far more sense that we reprint the recent Wall Street Journal description in a section where they chronicle the stories of many Rich People who have trouble selling one or more of their mansions. It is a BIG Problem !! Compassion please !

WSJ on Rasheed’s house …….

” Rasheed Wallace is saying one more good-bye to Portland, where he played for eight years with the Trail Blazers. The star Detroit Pistons forward has placed his nearly 10,000-square-foot residence on the market for $ 5.2 million, making it one of the most expensive listings in the area.”

” Mr. Wallace, 32, purchased the brick home, which sits on more than two acres in the Dunthorpe neighborhood, in 2000 for about $ 3 million. The NBA all-star, who has a roughly $ 60 million, six-year deal with the Pistons, spent more than $ 1 million on improvements, including a new driveway and landscaping, according to the listing agent, Tricia Epping, with Coldwell Banker, Barbara Sue Seal Properties. Mr. Wallace and his wife, Fatima, briefly put the residence on the market last year for $ 5.5 million, Ms.

Epping says.”

” Designed in 1924 by architect Ellis F. Lawrence, who also designed many campus buildings at University of Oregon in Eugene, the Tudor-style home has five bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths and a built-in saltwater fish tank, and was featured on “MTV Cribs.”

So here is your chance

you should have sold

ALL your stocks

Thursday and out

of Hedge Funds

now put that $$$$

to work you can’t lose

with REAL estate


send it to the Black Box

we’ll send it to Rasheed

who knows you may be

on your way to Portland !

( and yes you’ll even get Rasheed’s own

autograph ….. on the deed to your new house )

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….