BASN Classic BlackBox: Finally Divine Justice Isiah Is On The Hot Seat

Updated: November 22, 2007



For the last 2 years

it seemed Isiah was

” Dancing with the Stars ”

Dancing all around Madison Square Garden, Dancing all around Jim Dolan, Dancing all around the media, and Dancing all around the World. And most of all DANCING around actually Coaching the Knocks.

Time to stop Dancing Isiah

and sit on the

Hot Seat Yourself

otherwise referred to as

Put Up or

Shut Up and Go Away

This next Basketball Season will truly be either the Best of Times or the Worst of Times for Isiah Thomas. Keeping the Clich�s going. His chickens have all come home to Roost. And these are Wild Chickens Isiah you bred.

Here is another story

Where you can read all the superficial nonsense you want. In sports page after sports page. It’s Dolan’s fault. It’s Marbury’s fault. It’s Larry Brown’s fault. It’s the fault of the guy who wipes down the hardwood during the games. The fault is even in the sky above. It’s anybody’s fault excerpt Isiah Thomas’ Fault.

The Fault is

That Isiah Thomas decided he was too important, too smart to coach basketball any more. He fancied himself “upstairs” as Knicks president. So he had resisted again and again taking the job he should which is as Coach of the Knicks.

For all the Knicks needs they need a Coach who can get the job done. If Isiah isn’t capable of hiring anyone who can and Isiah doesn’t want to do the job himself EXACTLY what is Isiah Thomas good for. Spending Dolan’s money traveling the Globe looking for secret talent abroad.

While the Knicks floundered.

The even Darker Side is

For the Cynics out there is that in truth Isiah knows he is not up to turning around the Knicks either from above or Courtside, and he has decided to milk this Cow named Jim Dolan for all he is worth for as long as be can.

Except Dolan finally called Isiah’s Bluff

after Isiah’s Biggest Mistake of All

hiring Larry Brown for

an Astronomical Sum

and calling him


( in effect )

After that Boondoggle what choice did either Dolan or Thomas have. Isiah would FINALLY coach the Knicks.

Or even Jim Dolan would have no other option but to dump Thomas as well. That was not a promising option for Thomas and he knew it. It would have taken years or forever to recover from that drubbing.

So we are left

( meaning basketball fans )

with something Good

Next season will be fascinating to watch the Knicks. No matter how they play. Good, bad or indifference. Because the real drama will be beside the Court more than on it. Either Isiah Thomas will emerge a Hero if the Knicks vastly improve under his Coaching. And he will be able to make self serving statements to the media again and again that YES he made “one mistake” he Isiah should have been coaching the team all along. Right Isiah.

On the other hand

If the Knicks do no better under Thomas than Larry Brown or his predecessors we can all watch the very public flogging of Isiah as he has no where left to hide, and as it becomes clearer and clearer why he resisted the Coaching job for so long. Because he knew he could not resurrect the Knicks.

The point is

Isiah Thomas

is exactly where

he should be

The Hot Seat

Time to find out

if he can take the Heat

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