Baseball SI Bush Blinks Cuba Will Play

Updated: November 16, 2007





We should feel a sense of Relief

if not Euphoria


even the Bush White House

is capable of some Common Sense

or did they simply Lose

The Bush Administration was speeding toward a Diplomatic Disaster of immense dimensions because of something as simple as yes Baseball, and finally with time pretty much running out Bush the Younger got the Message.

Have NO doubt

If the Right Wing Bush Whackos in DC and their ‘sponsors’ throughout the USA could have gotten away with it they would absolutely have prevented Cuba from playing in the new World Baseball Classic in March. As they tried to do. It is only because the effort was so Absurd and because Cuba proved Smarter than this Crowd that Bush was left with no Choice but to say Cuba Si.

There is Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

in The White House

After The White House tried to use a BS law outlawing US Dollars from going to Cuba as their “real” (sic) reason for barring Cuba, Cuba made the logical move they should not have had to make. They unlike any of the other 15 teams agreed to donate ALL their winnings to Katrina Relief. That was a month ago.

The Bushies have spent the last month raking their Small Brains trying to come up with a “new” reason too keep Cuba out. But they huffed and puffed but it did not work. Had Bush continued to try and “outlaw” Cuba this new Baseball World Cup was going to Collapse. It would never have been played and The White House would have suffered a major Diplomatic Setback. To add to their Many Others.

Keep in Mind

Cuba is the TRUE World Champions of Baseball having won the GOLD Medal at the last Summer Olympics. It really is necessary to focus on the Audacity of the current U.S. Government to use completely illegitimate power to try and keep another nation out of an international sports event it has no part in.

On the Positive Side

We will now Witness even enjoy the future of Baseball as an International Sport if only for a few weeks in March and even if we already know that of the 16 teams playing only 4 have a Prayer. The Final 4 will feature the US, Japan, Dominican Republic and Cuba. And if things work out “right” it will be Cuba vs. USA for the Championship which will produce the most interest and Goodwill

Which is Exactly

what Bush and his Sorry Crew

did not Want.

Score One

for the Future of Sports

Score Zero

for George Bush