Barry Bonds Opts Out Of Classic

Updated: November 16, 2007




After Proclaiming earlier

how enthusiastic he was

about playing for USA in

the World Baseball Classic

Now Barry says no he’ll stay home and rest for the regular baseball season. Which does nothing but raise more Questions about his fitness and his veracity.

But most of all it brings up again another very important point about the Baseball Classic we raised before. Another integral flaw comparable to the one exposed had Cuba not been allowed to play. This other Flaw is well worth repeating.

With 16 teams playing ALL Major Leaguers except one group had the option to play for their country of origin if it was one of the 16. At the same time South Africa is included in the Classic even though they will have problems simply finding enough South Africans who have ever played a game of Baseball.

Why is South Africa included ?

Because Major League Baseball wanted to give the impression of “inclusiveness” that Africa was not excluded from the so called World Cup of Baseball. Much the same way they constantly hype the memory of Jackie Robinson to try and prove Baseball is Fair to African Americans today.

Now comes the Double Dose of Hypocrisy

1) There are NO South Africans on any of the 30 Major League Baseball teams and never have been. but 2)NO African American is “qualified” to play for South Africa because none of them can specifically claim South Africa as their country of origin while all African Americans can claim AFRICA as their Origin.

Because 1) all African Americans playing MLB baseball are descended from Africans who were brought here enslaved hundreds of years ago and had any memory of their homeland beaten out of them, and 2) in addition the country structure in Africa today is a vestige of European Colonialism had no reality for the enslaved Africans brought to America in Chains. None of these “countries” even existed during the 1600s and 1700s when Africans were enslaved.

So that Fairness and Logic should have resulted in any African American MLB player having the option to play either for USA or if they preferred South Africa the ONLY AFRICAN TEAM and a team all African Americans can claim a clear connection to. The issue of the precise place in Africa any African American hails from is irrelevant in this context as Slavery wiped out African identity.

And there is even the point

which is quite meaningful here

Just as no African American player can prove an exact ancestral home in South Africa NEITHER CAN MLB PROVE any African American player and their families did not originate in what is today South Africa.

If the Classic really lived up

to its billing

South Africa as of right rather than having the most pathetic of the 16 teams participating should have one of the strongest if many of the dwindling number of African American players had the option and decided to play for South Africa.

So what does this

have to do with Barry Bonds



If rather than first chest thumping for Team USA and then contradicting himself and not playing at all Barry Bonds could have had his finest moment and caused all his Critics to fade into the Background had he …

Proclaimed he Barry Bonds

would play for South Africa

and Dare

Bud Selig and the MLB owners

to deny him the right to play for Africa

In effect telling African Americans unlike all but African American players they must either play for USA or NOT play at all. Clear Colonialism American style. Baseball would have had no Choice but say YES to Bonds and all the African American players or reap a Firestorm that would have canceled the Classic.

While superficially different than the Cuban “controversy” at its core the issue is exactly the Same. Could MLB and USA successfully undertake an international sports event with a major flaw and major controversy that would overwhelm the competition itself.

The Answer is


Too Bad Barry does not Get It

but even if he did

he probably would have done Nothing

since he is in the same League with

Michael Jordan & Tiger Woods.

Too Bad Barry.