Barry Bonds Attacks And In Effect Admits Guilt

Updated: November 16, 2007



Maybe Barry is taking

a new kind of Steroid

that he injects in his Brain

And makes him see everything in unique ways. There has to be some explanation for his decision to bring legal action against the authors of the new tell all book “Game of Shadows.” No early word is that he is not contesting any of the many and detailed allegations about his prolonged Steroid use.

He’s not Dumb

he knows he can’t beat that Wrap

No Barry is going to sue these two writers because they were able to obtain secret grand jury testimony and various records from the Feds and the grand jury probe that prove Barry is a Raving Liar and was a Steroid Junkie. His lawyers want these authors to be stripped of any and all profits they might make from the book. Maybe whipped ? If he can find a law for that.

So Barry’s high priced suits showed up in Court in San Francisco Friday armed with their Mumbo Jumbo seeking an injunction from Judge Warren who promptly told them to shove it. And go buy a copy of the Constitution.

Judge James Warren refused to issue a temporary restraining order. He based his Judgment on that obscure Constitutional protection called Free Speech. But it gets better. Bonds’ Whacko Attorneys, who probably don’t take steroids just act like they do, basically are in Court trying to make a “citizen’s arrest” on Barry’s behalf arguing that their purpose is to “protect the sanctity of the grand jury process.”

Now you would think it is the Feds who would determine for themselves if someone has broken any Federal laws here. On the other hand since Barry lives beyond such small inconveniences as the Law you can understand him taking the law into his own hands to obtain “justice.”

Look at it from Barry’s perspective

If he could prevent anyone from publishing anything he doesn’t like about himself what a better world this would be. For Barry of course. Why we are suggesting Barry may be pumping something into his brain is because all he is doing of course in bringing his legal action on such flimsy grounds while not going after these writers for anything in the book does only one thing. It proves Barry is as Guilty as Sin.

Wouldn’t it be great for Barry if he could bring a libel suit against Mark Wada and Lance Williams proving all their detail and data about his Steroid use was made up not True. What a law suit that would be and when Barry won he would be Free !

Except he can’t bring those charges

because it’s all true and documented

a drug addict who cheated his way

to 700 Home Runs

Got to go now

Sorry it’s so Brief

we’ve got to get out of here

before Barry’s lawyers find us.