Alfonso Soriano Getting Shafted By The ‘Nationals’

Updated: November 16, 2007





This is a Story

about the Human Condition

as much as Baseball

It’s about a lack of Integrity, and the abuse of a player of Color, using him as Pawn at the expense of his Career and his Accomplishments. That’s right it’s a Story about Greed. Isn’t it almost Always.

And about a lack of respect for Individuals and the willingness to sacrifice others no matter the Consequences to them. The ultimate irony here is that it is about a team still owned collectively by the 29 other MLB owners.

Yes it’s

Major League Baseball

and the wider World

Alfonso Soriano who was first Screwed by George Steinbrenner and the New York Yankees who treated one of their finest players like dog meat as they tossed him overboard to accommodate Alex Rodriguez now …

Two years later has been screwed again this time by the DC so called Nationals with the complicity of the Texas Rangers who traded him to a team that has no Qualms about undermining Soriano’s successful career.

SuperStar Alfonso Soriano has played his entire career, his entire life in the Infield first at Shortstop then at Second Base. The last 2 season’s Soriano has been the Starting American League All Star Game 2nd Baseman. 2 years ago he was the top voter getter in the Majors all players all positions in being chosen to be the All Star 2nd Baseman. And he was the All Star Game MVP !

So what did the so called Nationals do

They made a trade to force him out of the American League where Soriano preferred to stay but far worse with a specific plan to force him off 2nd Base to play the Outfield. Because although it does not suit Soriano at all, Washington has a 2nd Baseman they are quite happy with Jose Vidro and had no intention of allowing Soriano to play there but intent on sending him to the Outfield.

So one of the Premier Second Basemen in all of Baseball who would have once again had a very good shot at being named the Starting 2nd Baseman in the All Star Game again in fact the odds on favorite in the American League in now being pressured to play Outfield in the National League.

Whose version of Fairness & Logic is This ??


Because it isn’t Fair or Logical

Soriano quite rightly is Livid over the matter.

It could well jeopardize the rest of his Career which is entering its Prime. Not only being forced to become an inferior player in a position he has no experience or interest in. But worse affecting his Performance and his Output at the Plate. Which is his Bread & Butter.

And heap on Insult to Injury that the indignity of instead of being a lock on being named a Starter for the 2006 All Star Game, as an Outfielder he never will be, and most likely won’t even be Chosen as a substitute.

And are you ready for this

Alfonso Soriano is scheduled to be the Starting SECOND BASEMAN for the Dominican Republic in MLB’s big showcase event The World Baseball Classic. Only to then return to The Nats forced to masquerade as an Outfielder.

Well guess what

For now anyway Soriano is refusing to even step in the Outfield let alone play it in Spring training Games. To make a point he arrived in Spring Training WITHOUT any Outfielder gloves in his possession.

When Soriano gets back from the Classic

if he still refuses the Outfield

it will be War

Hang tough Alfonso force these Turkeys to trade you to a team where you will play Second Base. Washington is doubly screwed by its Dumb Vicious Move in trading for Soriano because they don’t have any long term contract with him. They are left with the one year on his existing contract and he is certain to Walk on these called Nationals at the end of 2006 if forced to play for Them.

The only “good” in all this

( not really )

is to Highlight the Fact

that even in the 21st century

Teams can abuse Players


much is at Stake

and not the least

your Dignity.