A True Stocking Stuffer For Xmas???

By Tony McClean
Updated: November 25, 2007

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — The pageantry of black college football has a unique flavor and special style all its own. From the smells of tailgate parties to the “fifth quarter” featuring the exciting battle of the bands, football at historically black colleges and or universities is one of sport’s unique experiences.

For many folks, the 2002 feature movie “Drumline” with Nick Cannon and Orlando Jones gave some a brief introduction and a small taste of that experience. However for those who are an HBCU alumnus or not, you can now have that same experience right on your television or home computer.

Nerjyzed Entertainment, Inc., a privately held, African American owned digital entertainment company out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has announced the launch of its new sports video game, “Black College Football Experience.”

An authentic, action-packed football game created using the Unreal 3.0 engine, “BCFx” is a cultural experience that puts players and fans into the heart of black college football.

“We are making history with this video game,” said Nerjyzed marketing associate Ashley Patton. “This is the only game that captures the entire Black college football experience right down to the halftime shows with the bands, dancers, and cheerleaders to the actual game on the field.”
Imagine if you will, a video game with the feel of “Madden ’08” or “NCAA Football ’08, but with a slight twist. The major twist is that you as the player are being transformed into the exciting atmosphere of a black college football game.

“BCFx” is a sports game that captures the unique culture of the black college football experience, fusing advanced video game design with music, and entertainment.

“Nerjyzed Entertainment was founded by a veteran team whose mission is to create positive interactive products for the urban market,” said Jacqueline Beauchamp, chief executive officer of Nerjyzed.

“As HBCU alumni and black college football enthusiasts, we’re proud that BCFx honors our rich tradition and provides an incredibly fun football game for the whole family to play.”
Ms. Beauchamp came up with the concept of a black college football video game about four years ago. Brian Johnson, Nerjyzed’s creative design director came aboard two years ago add his expertise to the project.
“The actual design of the project began about two years ago”, added Jackson, who has previously worked with EA Sports and Microsoft over the last decade. “I’ve always wanted to put together a game like this, but there was never an opportunity for me like this. I’m living my dream now putting this game together.”

Nerjyzed has secured an exclusive five-year licensing agreement with three HBCU conferences including the SWAC, SIAC, and CIAA, several schools within the MEAC as well as independent HBCUs.

The game features more than 40 teams, bands and mascots; interactive halftime shows; realistic stadiums; play-by-play commentary; and ten authentic Classic games such as the Bayou Classic, Florida Classic, Atlanta Classic and the Southern Heritage Classic.

“We had our audio department on the road about a year ago that captured live performances from each band in our package”, Patton added. “So when you’re playing the game, you’re hearing the school’s actual band playing their songs.”
“There’s nothing generic about this game. We fit everything to each specific school and or university.” In fact, the NEI staff is made up of people with either undergraduate and graduate degrees from such esteemed HBCUs including Southern University, Howard University, Florida A&M University as well as from other top universities throughout the country.
The game is being supported by a 12-week promotional road tour to HBCU campuses, Classics and homecoming games that began during the late summer. “BCFx” was made available for the PC in stores on November 23.
Patton says that test audiences during the current tour have been overwhelmingly positive. “We had an great turnout of kids and fans in New York for the Urban League Classic”, Patton added.

“The feedback from everyone was tremendous. I couldn’t tell who was having more fun, the kids or the adults. Many of the former band heads were elated about the battle of the bands feature as well. One of the main things people were saying was ‘It’s about time.”

NOTE: For more information about BCFx, the latest game trailers, fight song ring-tones, behind-the-scenes video footage and the BCFx Road Show schedule, go to www.bcfxgame.com.