5000 Plus 84 Counting By The Numbers

Updated: November 16, 2007

5000 + 81



Test time ….


can 81 be more than 5000


It all depends …

On whether you are more a LeBron James or Kobe Bryant fan. Both put up big numbers in very different ways these last few days. In fact 5000 and 81 are Equal in that James and Bryant have re-established they are the 2 dominant Basketball Players of Today.

Just when LeBron James was the Talk of the Basketball World for becoming the youngest NBA player ever to score 5000 points it appears former Wunderkind Kobe Bryant who was the most famous teenager ever to ever enter the NBA before LeBron came along got jealous and figured out a way to top James …

by scoring 81 points

against the Toronto Raptors

Sunday night

How many Points is 81. The second most ever scored by one player in an NBA game only topped by Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points playing for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks 44 long years ago.

If you want to know

Who has the 3rd and 4th most points in an NBA game

it’s Wilt Chamberlain

For Bryant it is a Good News Bad News Story in that it proves he is the entire Lakers team which means the Lakers are a very weak TEAM. Also the 81 points will inevitably be considered a Stunt by some. It is not necessarily a favorable definition of Great Basketball when a single player scores 81.

On the other hand since many players couldn’t score 81 points in a game even if there wasn’t an opposing team on the Court ( yes yes that is how some observers refer to the Raptors ) it still proves how exceptional Kobe Bryant is.

But the Bigger Story is LeBron James 5000 points. He being the youngest player ever to achieve that goal just a few days before Kobe’s feat is more evidence LeBron will eclipse Kobe when all is Said and Done. Bryant did it at 22 and LeBron James less than a month after his 21st birthday

James may or may not

score 82 points in a Game

some day

The Point is

it really doesn’t matter