2006 Be It Resolved

Updated: November 16, 2007




Personal New Year’s Resolutions

don’t seem to be in vogue anymore

not that there were ever much honored

except in the Breach

( as Shakespeare might say )

Well we’ve got something far Better

to Offer

Group Resolutions that we each can all choose to dedicate ourselves that can have far more impact than any personal resolve might. Even better the Success of these larger efforts can provide each of us with a higher sense of Self that you can then turn to personal Purpose.

So each of us doing our part as we are able even if in very imperceptible ways will result in the Whole being far far greater than the individual parts.

Get involved !

Resolution #1

That Black Athlete Sports Network succeed as it is destined to do but has not yet. What you see so far which is still unique and entertaining and informative in ways you do not find elsewhere – is but a shadow of what BASN will be.

We can and will take sports to another level.

A new level from the perspective of the African American sports experience past, present and future most of all BASN is the personification of Sports being Sports but so much more. A Gateway better a Stargate in which Sport reaches more of its Positive Potential to define the larger Society in useful ways while never losing sight of its other purpose to Entertain.

BASN needs $1Million a rather paltry sum all things included to take itself and Sports to that other Level. At least the first big step in that Direction. If you have investment dollars available or you know of some good legitimate professional sources ( successful Black athletes are perfect candidates ) do yourself and everyone some good financially and beyond and contact ….

Roland Rogers BASN CEO


That is one sure way to make 2006 a Success

Resolution #2

That African Americans find the focus and the resolve to set up a Sports Leadership Institute a very real physical facility but as well an electronic network surrounding it and interactive with it where young African Americans can be trained and mentored with the Best to effectively compete in these dozens of sports many of them collegiate and Olympic sports where there is little and most often no Black representation and participation at all.

Just as other barriers have been tumbling such as the emergence of African American Quarterbacks, that without any organized effort, so much the better if a specific but very wide ranging program is organized and developed that without a doubt can have young African American men and women competing equally and successfully in every sport that exists.

What will it take to get there.


that has been lacking

and an appreciation of

how successful

African American Sports Institute

can be.

Resolution #3

That the large number of very financially successful African Americans inside sports and even more outside sports begin to show a willingness to cooperate and pool some of their investment capital to BUY sports franchises, and compete for them in the market just as well as rich White Folk do.

On one powerful level

Ownership is Everything

Until and unless there a few at least a good size handful of teams in the National Football League, National Basketball League and Major League Baseball owned (majority owned) by African Americans, Black America will never really have a seat at the Table of Sports Power in America.

Resolution #4

That the African American athletes that dominate the players union in both the NFL and NBA begin to use that Power to advance African American issues in both Leagues and STOP acting as though Color has no place in the union’s relationship to the Commissioners and the owners.

The African American players in both Football and Basketball either acting through the existing Players Associations in both or by forming African American “caucuses” within each should DEMAND that the number of Black coaches and executives in each League is a subject of management – labor negotiations and extend that issue to the lack of African American representation in the Broadcast Booths. The broadcasters having an symbiotic relationship to the Leagues.

Resolution # 5

That African Americans force Major League Baseball to face up to the ever dwindling number of African American players and the corollary Black fans, in meaningful ways, and not the empty rhetoric of Commissioner Bud Selig and the owners as represented by him.

If Major league Baseball made the same effort in Black America that it does in Latin America to develop and support young baseball talent there would be a surge of African American players in Baseball within the next 5-10 years.

Baseball is very specifically not making that effort because it has decided it is not in its “economic interest” to make that effort. It is up to the rest of us to force them to by determined action and a relentless campaign attacking the lack of African Americans in Baseball.

And somebody tell

Rachel Robinson to stop

carrying water for Bud Selig

she is insulting her husband’s Legacy

Resolution #6

That the NCAA will not be allowed to continue and even intensifying its economic and educational misuse of student athletes. The most abused of all being African American NCAA football and basketball players who must live under restrictions and prohibitions that are an insult to the U.S. Constitution and the millions who have died defending it over more than 200 years.

And even on top of that the NCAA system being a mockery that holds vestiges of the horrors of Slavery African Americans suffered for hundreds of years in that now like then the all important labor of Black Americans is today recreated in the forced free labor of young college athletes.

College athletes like all of us should be fairly compensated for their skills and their labor, and they must not be subject to Draconian restrictions none of the rest of us would ever accept for ourselves.

It is Time for more of us

all of us to stand up and be counted

in this Battle

Resolution #7

That we will all pray for and cheer for the success of Shani Davis and Vonetta Flowers at the upcoming Torino 2006 Winter Olympics. Both are Champions who exemplify in a very real way the Promise of a more equal sports landscape in America and at the same time the fast that they stand out as 2 of only a tiny handful of African Americans in winter sports, proof of the exclusion of African Americans from winter sports and the lack of any action by Congress (forget about President Bush he’s too far gone) and other decision makers to insure the U.S. Olympic Committee finally addresses this long long standing problem.

Resolution #8

That at World Cup 2006 later in the year the largest most watched and followed sporting event of all when it takes place once every 4 years. That in addition to rooting for Team USA and looking for its few Black players. that we also turn our attention to the African teams that have made it to the Cup.

That in so doing we acknowledge that the Black experience in Sports is far more than only the African American experience. That fair or not the better African teams do in World Cup in soccer ( football ) as well as in other sports the more attention that Africa and African nations will receive worldwide.

Resolution #9

That African Americans put serious pressure on and give no quarter to African American superstar athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan who are really African American “in name only” never ever identifying themselves with African American issues and needs inside or out of Sports.

( because its not “good” for their marketing appeal )

Who cares what white athletes do or don’t or whether they should be under any pressure to do “good.” A white power base has effective control over the sports industry in America. They don’t need any pressure groups for white star athletes standing up for white fairness and equality in sports. They already have far more than they need. And forever will.

But when the likes of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan ( and there are many many others ) sit on the Sidelines and only take care of #1 it is a message about “acceptable behavior” for athletes within the African American community.

And it is Unacceptable

show them the Disdain

they ‘richly deserve’

we do in the Box

Resolution #10

Some magic here.

Don’t ask how but we have set up a mechanism that allows each Box reader in the same spirit as this list of 9 Resolutions to add your own silently and each of those positive group oriented Resolutions will be successfully added to the List you see here. It’s only ONE resolution per reader so don’t be hasty or wasteful.

Take the time to add something meaningful even if it is something unusual based on your own experiences or knowledge just as long as you are convinced it is a Resolution with enough to offer to be worthy of this List.

You can keep it to yourself

and it still Counts


email us your Resolution at


and we will share the Best

with the World and now

Let’s make 2006 a Great Year !!


Special thanks to the many readers who have taken the time and interest to send emails to the Box during 2005 and the years before. We have not been diligent in acknowledging them well and our own Personal Resolution for 2006 is to make every attempt to respond to all sincere emails to the Box and make more use of them as subject material for the Box during 2006.

Let’s start with your Resolutions !

And thank you all.