1500 Blackboxes

Updated: November 16, 2007



7 days a week

week after week

month after month

year after year

( some days better than others )


September 2001

Over 4 years now. 1500 days in a row the Black Box has appeared each and every day new at Black Athlete Sports Network. The product of one hand. Through all kinds of events. Personal challenges. Hurricanes. Blizzards. Sickness and tragedy. Holidays. Etc. One after another.

Reaching a Milestone presents a Challenge.

After 1500 Boxes covering every imaginative aspect of sports, some far more than others obviously, all from a Black perspective, has any wisdom been gained that the audience can find valuable at the very least insightful.

Let’s give it a Shot.

There is certainly no doubt Sports in general are more important to more people than any other non essential element in our lives. To the point that Sports in one form or another have become an essential element in life.

Our post-industrial universal Religion

or at least Religious Experience

It is hard even impossible to imagine society without sports. In fact with the growth and development of all kinds of media beginning at the start of the 20th century but none as much as the promise of the Internet in recent years the impact of sports expands and then expands further.

But what is so compelling

It is the obvious

In every single sports contest that interests each of us life and death, success and failure is found within the period of a few hours or less. Even more each sporting event transports us out of both the mundane uneventful reality of so much of our lives, and at the same time allows up to escape the myriad problems small and large that characterize our daily lives.

There may be nothing new in these views but 1500 consecutive Boxes certainly confirms again these Truths. But all this is really just the prelude to the African American experience of sports both as participant and observer.

Sports is both the Triumph and Failure of American society for African Americans far more than the larger society. Black Americans have been excluded from sports throughout much of history.

But allowed to participate equally African Americans become a dominant factor which is both a Blessing and a Curse. Sports has produced more Black success stories than any other place in American society. But that only serves to highlight the fact that it is not true in any other “industry.”

Just as true while Black Americans excel on the field of play the real power centers in sport after sport built upon the success of African Americans as players, those other areas are still largely off limits to Blacks.

Kenny Williams the young brilliant General Manager of the World Champion Chicago White Sox is only the 3rd African American in Major League Baseball history to be a General Manager.

There is no way to justify that.

Willie Randolph as smart and experienced and talented as he is waited and waited and waited for over a decade into his 50s to be offered a Manager’s position in Major League Baseball while someone like Joe Girardi a fairly bland white baseball personality who has never managed anywhere and who had a forgettable playing career is given an MLB managers job at 41.

It is beyond inconceivable for any comparable African American former player with equal experience and age to get such an Offer.

We could go on and on and on with example after example of anti-Black bias in American sports almost as bad in many cases as bad as it has ever been. We have chronicled many of them in the Box time and again.

The most important lesson that has been learned after 1500 Boxes is something quite different than the fact that there is ingrained bias and out and out discrimination in American society and specific to our purpose in American sports.

It is this ……

That the Struggle is as worthwhile as it has ever been.

That in spite of all the Barriers our favorite example in the Box being African American Quarterbacks – Quarterback being the most unique and important playing role in any sport ….

That African Americans have increasingly realized the “con” white America had been perpetrating on talented young African Americans for a hundred years that for some vague never discussed reason African Americans were not “suited” to be Quarterbacks.


Not suited because all the white sports jocks who controlled football didn’t want their football teams commanded by Black Quarterbacks. Now that African Americans have fully realized the Scam more and more of the most talented young African American football players want the same exact opportunity for themselves as their comparable white “brothers” of equal talent to QUARTERBACK the team. And are winning that position for themselves as the best player on their team to lead it as Quarterback.

Every single one of the many examples of unfairness for African Americans in sports needs to be tackled in the same way one at a time beginning with the absolute unshakable knowledge their is no reason Black Americans don’t have equal access.

Does anyone think there is any legitimate reason that in the hundreds of broadcast booths in sport after sport, for team after team, be it college or professional we almost never ever see or hear an African American broadcaster. That no more than 1% of broadcasters if even that are African American here in the “enlightened” 21st century. In America.

No it is not the result of any written policy nor for that matter unwritten whispered policy at stations and networks. Not any more. It is 21st century style discrimination.

Benign Neglect

What the policy makers the decision makers don’t do nor do their policies show any concern with the absence of African Americans. The president of ABC Sports is not expected to say hey we haven’t had an African American in the Monday Night Football broadcast booth in years. We’d better do something about that. It simply is not relevant in their World.

Which brings us to the real value in 1500 Black Boxes.

It is in being part of the Black Athlete Sports Network.

No matter how long it takes.

No matter the Barriers or lack of interest in many Quarters the true capitalism approved Red White & Blue way for the African American community to assert itself in American sports in ways never seen before, and at the same time to effectively expose all the many forms of discrimination that exist in American sports today ..

…… is for successful African American driven sports media to arise now in the age of the Internet. A profitable Black Athlete Sports Network with a large expanding audience and with more and more Black athletes identifying it as their own, and with our own Black announcers broadcasting major sports events using the very same video signal those white guys in their broadcast booth are using, to deliver the game to everyone Black or white who want something more, something different, something better when they watch and listen to their favorite teams.

It may not happen by the time

there is the 2500th Box

or the 5000th Box

but it will happen

and maybe Sooner

not Later

because the Con Game

in American sports is

more visible every Day.


Black Box