Yankee Die-Nasty The End

Updated: October 9, 2007



Of course it ENDED

after 2000 still now


Thank God

Thank Allah

Thank your Barber

THANK anyone

you like but


NO more Yankees BS

NO more Joe Torre

NO more George

( now that he’s a mumbling Idiot )

and here is the Dirty Little Secret

even millions of New Yorkers


So why do we even care here in the Box ? Because now-a-days the Great New York Yankees play without even one full African American player on their roster.

SORRY Steinbrenner-Torre pet Derek Jeter gets an *.

Sure it’s about Winning – actually that is our point – but playing in NYC the pathetic Yankees should at least not be HYPOCRITES to their self-proclaimed larger than life we are “more than just a baseball team” hype and accept the value of having a well rounded roster that includes some Black players.

For all their Hype especially

toward the end of each season

they have NO “trouble” adding

some forgettable White players

who after one September are

never heard from again

Here is our REAL point

with Torre FINALLY

gone thank God

( if he really is )

NO we are not praying for the Yankees FIRST ever African American manager. We don’t deal in Impossibilities. At least we try not.

NO rather we are praying for a NEW manager who actually is interested in signing some good Black players because it will produce the kind of team that can WIN when it counts.

Actually Gary Sheffield wrote the “book” on Torre and the Yankees earlier this season. Here is how ESPN reported it. ” Sheffield says Torre treats black players differently from white players and says Jeter, who is from a mixed-race marriage, “ain’t all the way black,” during the interview with Andrea Kremer.”

ESPN continued ……

“Sheffield, who was traded to the Detroit Tigers during the off season, claimed that black and white players in the Yankees clubhouse were treated differently, specifically how players Tony Womack and Kenny Lofton were handled by Torre. In the interview with HBO, Sheffield says the black players on the Yankees’ roster would be “called out” in the clubhouse by Torre, while the white players would be called into Torre’s office to discuss matters.”

there’s more but you get the point

which brings us to Kenny Lofton

and Divine Justice

Lofton who lasted just one season with Torre’s Yankees back in 2004 and was very poorly utilized by Torre – Lofton is now one of the Cleveland Indians starters who did his yeoman part to put the nails in the Yankees Coffin with his Big Bat in the division play-offs especially in all important game # 1 when Cleveland massacred the Yankees 12-3. Lofton drove in 4 runs with 3 two-out singles.

Why say more

Cleveland and Lofton

are headed to the AL

Championship Series

Joe Torre will probably

head to Hawaii to write

his book “Yankee Blues”

reportedly Steinbrenner spends

his waning days in the basement

of his Tampa Bay mansion chewing

on $100 bills and mumbling to himself

” have we won the World Series again ”

say good BYE to the New York Yankees

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