WNBA Champion Harris Launches A New Magazine

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: October 5, 2007

DALLAS — Fran Harris Enterprises, LLC, a Los Angeles and Dallas-based media and production company started by WNBA Champion Houston Comets guard, Fran Harris, Ph.D., has announced the launch of Collegepreneur(R), a new business and leadership magazine aimed at college students.

An innovative producer of television, film, video games, Internet and publishing properties, FHE recognizes the significance of its latest creation. “The key to personal and financial freedom is entrepreneurship — always has been, always will be,” said Harris.

“When I speak in organizations and on campuses across the world my message is always about innovation and creativity in all regards — business, social, political, community, even spiritual.”

Harris, who started her first business — a snow cone stand — when she was only nine years old, says that it’s never too early or late to launch an enterprise.

“My snow cone stand netted $1,500 but the most important lesson I learned that summer was that I didn’t have to be somebody’s employee. I discovered that I could define and design my own destiny,” said Harris, a past nominee of Inc. magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Through articles, features and columns, Collegepreneur(R) not only inspires teenagers and young adults to tap into their own genius, but it also offers unique insights on leadership, financial literacy, networking and mentoring.

“Nobody does it alone. Succeeding in business is always about collaboration, negotiation and problem solving,” said Harris.

The premier issue of Collegepreneur(R) features a cover story on Dr. Randal Pinkett, winner of NBC’s and Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” reality show in 2006, who launched a business while attending Rutgers University.

In addition to the celebrity cover story, Harris has solidified deals to expand the Collegepreneur(R) brand through a multifaceted platform including Internet, video games, mobile and television.

CollegepreneurTV is also currently in production. “The show features college entrepreneurs from all over the country,” said Harris. “I’m amazed at the businesses these students are building — from startups to multimillion dollar empires,” said Harris, who was a former ESPN, Lifetime Television and FOX Sports announcer. “Our magazine will inspire more young people to tap into their brilliance and that fires me up!”

Harris, who scored nearly 2,000 points as a basketball star at the University of Texas at Austin says if she’d known then (in college), what she knows now about success, she would have launched several businesses in college. “The million and billion-dollar ideas never stop with me. Entrepreneurship is sexy, it’s alluring, it’s exciting,” said Harris.

“College gives us the classroom to expand our minds but what higher education has failed to do, I believe, is prepare us for real world success.

Collegepreneur(R) aspires to fill that gap.”

Collegepreneur(R) is available through subscriptions and college bookstores in North America beginning in November 2007, coinciding with the launch of a sleek new website. A national tour kicks off on 50 college campuses in January 2008. Premier subscription rates are available at www.Collegepreneur.com

All inquiries including potential writers, features, advertisers, sponsors, strategic partners, retailers or distributors should go to success@collegepreneur.com .

A few advertising slots are still available for the premier issue. Serious advertising inquires go to advertising@collegepreneur.com or call (214) 260-7742 .