Vindication: Daunte And The Big Payback

By Desi Cortez
Updated: October 1, 2007
Daunte Culpepper
DENVER — Reportedly, despite toting and touting the “its all business” company line all week, Daunte Culpepper had blaring from his I-Pod headset James Brown’s “Big Payback.”

Culpepper didn’t have drunken wild-animal sex with a bunch of White gals on that boat back on Lake. Nor is he the self-centered prima-donna prom queen Miami wanted to paint and taint him as.

Daunte performed well without Randy Moss to “just leap up there and haul down his arrant passes” as I recall so many announcers and analysis characterizing Culpepper’s game over the years.

Daunte managed the game, a mental aspect of the game of which Culpepper was predictably criticized as not being apt at. And without question, Dante’s knee is just fine… How sweet it is!

Hey, Cam Cameron gambled, and he lost. After Sunday night, Cam will, along with millions of fans, wonder, perhaps compare and contrast Culpepper and Trent Green, the QB of choice for Cameron.

The Head Coach declared after he had Daunte escorted from the Dolphin practice fields by security, this past summer — he just felt “more comfortable” with Trent Green.

How comfortable is Coach Cameron tonight?

Honestly, this thing called “comfortableness” is what the Black Quarterback controversy is rooted in. America’s having an difficult time accepting any Black man as a NFL Quarterback.

Be it Culpepper, Steve “Crash” McNair, McNabb or Vince Young. It’s like these young Black men are all knocking on Bill Ignatius’ front door, asking to pick up the guys daughter for a date….

There’s an sizable segment of the NFL fan-base which just can’t come to grips with the thought that the finale bastion of fake, artificial, make-believe white male dominance is coming to an end. The Golden Boy is bronze.

Fair and open competition will do that.

There are those who were hoping, with all their little hearts, that Culpepper, along with Mike Vick, where out of the hunt to fill the limited number of NFL QB slots. They thought wrong.

Culpepper wrecked havoc on the field: 5-of-12 for 79 yards and 2 TDs via air, 3 on the ground. The first six points came on a sneak, but the other two were roll-out’s, where the 265 pound field general outran his swift defenders to the goal line.

Nonetheless, the story down in Teal-Town was not so much about what occurred on the field, but rather the 12-foot grave Culpepper crawled out of, because the man was buried, alive.

The three-time All Pro QB was condemned and slighted by the many sports writers who make their living ridiculing and demeaning the Black athlete, and more specifically, the Black Quarterback.

Culpepper was written-off by this collection of envious and often venomous wanna-bes’ who appear have one hell-of-a-time eking out props’, when props’ are earned by Afro-American players.

And let’s not forget the Black player must be cut from the quiet, humble, conforming accommodating Negro athlete, or a buffoonish neanderthal like Miami’s Joey Porter.

As the Eagles leader Donovan Mcnabb has recently pointed out, there’s a different set of standards and expectations which are employed by the media to measure the weight, worth and value of a Black Quarterback — in order to receive the type of accolade laden “ass-kissin” which is reserved for Peyton, Brady, Palmer and Farve.

It’s my guess, not even the most bias and belittling writers can’t find much of anything negative to harp on in a performance which saw Culpepper illustrated, in vivid black and silver, the advantages to having an smart, accurate mobile quarterback who is also an athlete of the identical caliber of all the other players on the field.

Reports of Dante’s demise…. have been greatly exaggerated.