Three Black Quarterbacks On Heisman Watch List

Updated: October 10, 2007



At the half way mark

in the 2007 season

3 Black Quarterbacks

are on the 2007 List put

out by USAToday

And if Truth be told as it always is in the Box while he is not a Quarterback the leading Heisman candidate right now is African American Arkansas running back Darren McFadden who so far has rushed for 779 yards on 130 carries. That is an average of 6 yards a carry and 7 Tds. No bad.

His main competition at this time according to the USAToday poll is fellow African Americans running back Michael Hart of Michigan with an equally impressive 976 yards on 179 carries and an even better 10 TDs.

Next is a White Quarterback with California’s Black wide receiver DeSean Jackson at # 4 between # 2 Boston College QB Matt Ryan tied with Michael Hart and Black Kentucky QB Andre Woodson # 5. Both Ryan and Woodson are serious candidates for the Trophy

You can probably bet McFadden and Ryan will be invited to NYC among the Final Five or Final Three if there are only 3 Finalists invited. Indeed if Boston College remains undefeated and is chosen to play for the National Championship, QB Matt Ryan will probably become the odds on favorite for the Heisman.

Here in the Box as you know

we have a serious affinity

for Black Quarterbacks

For all sorts of reasons

we won’t bother going into again today.

But it certainly focuses our interest on the 3 Heisman hopefuls who are on the Top Ten USAToday list. Led by Andre Woodson. One we have already profiled this season. West Virginia’s Pat White a Dual Threat who is 73 for 102 passing for 865 yards and 7 TDs, and running 411 yards on 69 carries, and 7 TDs. He is tied for # 9 on the List. With two other White Quarterbacks.

Above him at # 7 is the Oregon Ducks Dennis Dixon who got the Box Treatment last season. Dixon’s stats are very interesting.

97 completions in 140 attempts for 1238 yards and 12 TDs, and running 301 yards on 50 carries for 5 TDs., Dixon’s 1539 total yards make him second only to Matt Ryan. While Dennis Dixon has more total TDS. If only the Ducks had not lost a game.

Both Dixon’s and White’s ever so slim chances hinge as much as anything on their teams making surprisingly strong finishes and moving up the Polls. Right now in the AP Poll West Virginia is # 8 with their 5-1 record, and Oregon # 9 with a record of 4-1. They are up against 5 teams that have perfect records so far which makes it that much tougher for both of them.

Sadly none of them LSU, California, Ohio State, Boston College or South Florida none have Black Starting Quarterbacks. Unless all 5 suffer an Upset Defeat both West Virginia and Oregon will remain at the back end of the Top Ten. That won’t do it for either Pat White or Dennis Dixon and their Heisman Dreams.

But Kentucky QB Andre Woodson is another Story.. While Kentucky is 5-1 they are still buried pretty deep in the Top 25 in the AP Poll at # 17. A problem for Woodson’s Heisman prospects. The other side of that coin is that while Kentucky is ranked # 17 it has not stopped Woodson being ranked # 5 in the Heisman Poll with his 1536 yards passing and 18 TDs.

With no Vince Young or

JaMarcus Russell this year

looks like a Running Back

is the best bet in 2007

for a Black Heisman

then again Life is filled

with many Surprises

imagine another

Black Quarterback

Andre Woodson

winning the 2007 Heisman

unlikely yes but there are

plenty more games to play

and if not a Black running back

3 Black Heismans in a row ??

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