The Way It Was Lessons For Today

Updated: October 12, 2007



Everyone knows

( or should )

the philosopher


for ONE phrase

” those who cannot remember

the past are CONDEMNED

to repeat it ”

not in the exact same ways

but much the same in core ways

which brings us to today’s

Lesson otherwise known

as The Black Box

A new book “The Slave Ship” by author Marcus Rediker is a vivid account of the most horrendous “trade” industry in human history.. Those who trafficked in Africans supplying “product” for the American colonies then nation and for European plantation owners in the Caribbean.

Yes there are other examples

of human degradation to

equal the Slave Trade

some existing today

But the Slave Trade was about as bad as it gets.. Once again we will deal with the refrain SO WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH SPORTS ? As always the answer is everything.. Sports today as a reflection, as an integral element of American society and from a Black perspective even today is a Legacy in its own way of the Slave Trade.

Think about this

Had the Slave Trade never existed Africans would have NEVER been transported to the Americas by the millions and today these United States would reflect a very different racial and ethnic character. Had the Slave Trade never existed as a reflection of African “society” had Africans operated from a different imperative Africa would be a very different place today far better.

Here is the Point

We’ve made it before if never so graphically, The Point history wants to deny certainly African Americans as group have always been in deep denial about the absolutely essential element Africans played in the Slave Trade.

It in NO way dismisses the

Crimes Against Humanity

by the White Sickos

trafficking in Africans

But it is every bit as much of the story of this horrendous chapter in human history were it not for African “leaders” from the 1600s and the 1700s who were every bit as depraved as the White Devils who filled their ships to bursting with African men, women and children. They would have had EMPTY ships were it not for Africans delivering Africans into Hellish Slavery.

These Slave Ship captains and the Slave Ship owners back in Europe and America and the Caribbean would NEVER gave existed were it not for African Low Lifes many with exalted tribal ranks and titles who had NO qualms at all about capturing brutalizing and enslaving other African men, women and children.

( it may not be all that different today in some places )

READ the book it is

very well written and

FULLY documented

there is NO escaping

the TRUTH of the

Slave Trade

While it is impossible to visualize an America as it would have been without Slavery but there can be no denying the United States would have followed the same path to Independence because Slavery did not play a significant role but after that ??

This group of 13 now independent Colonies without Slavery would have had a different character and the power of the South would have been minimal. Without Southern plantation “power” the entire existence of the American government would have been different in EVERY way because the South’s ability to block progress would not have existed and of course there would have been NO Civil War. Whether or not you agree Slavery was the cause the South would have been impotent without the wealth millions of Slaves provided.

So what HOW do you

relate this to Sports

in the 21st century

easily Dear Reader

Every single day every single African American should remind themselves that the society they exist in today every challenge African Americans still face every day because of the Color of their skin would NOT exist were it not for Black on Black violence over more than 200 years hundreds of years ago. Far away.

And here is the point about Sports

As long as African American athletes, and African American leaders, and millions of African Americans do not UNITE to insist that Sports be a BETTER reflection of the American society we say we want – without that level of cooperation and Common Purpose African Americans today are instead cooperating with a Sports Industry that marginalizes and minimizes African Americans EXCEPT when they feel they have NO choice but to utilize Black Americans to make money and that is almost exclusively as LABORERS on the playing field.

IF you find no comparison

to The Slave Trade and

the disunity among

Africans back then

and the legacy

problems of


let us quote Santayana again

“those who cannot remember

the past are CONDEMNED

to repeat it ” over and over

and then over again

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