The BCA Comments On Misconceptions Of Black Student-Athletes

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: October 9, 2007

INDIANAPOLIS — Floyd Keith, BCA Executive Director has released the following statement on behalf of the BCA Board of Directors.

Black Coaches and Administrators are disturbed by the recent revelations of published articles revealing what appears to be an ongoing negative dialogue and expression of pessimistic opinion regarding perceptions of scholarship student- athletes in general, and scholarship black student athletes in particular.

There is an obvious misconception about black student athletes as evidenced by recent comments articulated by a Rutgers professor which was termed as “racist” in the September 28 edition of the Daily Record; and allegations made by a sociology professor (July, 14, 2007 Atlanta Journal- Constitution, “Professor Cheating at Auburn”) in reference to the ongoing Auburn University investigation of allegations that a professor improperly assigned sociology grades to student athletes in 2004 and 2005.

In particular, the professor’s comments stating that “(he) was always appreciative of the supposed opportunity it (athletics) gave minority students to get an education, but when they get a fake education, it undermines it” was most disturbing because it reinforces an unfounded and inaccurate public perception about the student- athlete, and in particular, the black student- athlete.

Contrary to the existing opinions of some educators of higher education on today’s campuses, the student- athlete graduate at a higher rate then the general student body, in particular, the black student- athlete graduates at a higher rate of success then the black student body population.

Scholarship athletes are not unique from other gifted students who receive financial support for other academic skills and talents relating to academic achievement, music, dance, ROTC, drama and the like. In fact, the student- athlete can only receive room, board, books, tuition and fees which is less than the funds offered to the general student population.

Based upon the periodic resurfacing of expressed misinformation of facts and the revelation of countless misconceptions of the student- athlete, there needs to be an outcry of opposition to this blasphemy of the truth and more effort made to educate the uninformed educators as to the reality of the objective facts and the many untold good stories of our talented and gifted young people.

The Black Coaches & Administrators (BCA) is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt non- profit organization whose primary purpose is to foster the growth and development of ethnic minorities at all levels of sports both nationally and internationally.

The BCA is committed to creating a positive enlightened environment where issues can be examined closely, debated sincerely and resolved honestly. The BCA’s focus involves the concerns of its colleagues in professional sports, NCAA (Division I, II, and III), NAIA (Division I and II), junior college and high school levels.

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