Straight…No Chaser: Expectations So Low, You Can’t Get Under Them

By Desi Cortez
Updated: October 20, 2007
COLORADO — My grandmother stressed to me, at an early age — “There’s a whole world of difference between people laughing at you, and, people laughing with you.”
Travis Henry, the Denver Bronco running back who’s been running away from parenting the herd of little Mustang ponies he’s mass producing — like Ford makes cars — is either too ignorant, or too arrogant to understand folks are laughing at him.
Fathering a string of nine babies you don’t value, spending few, if any of the days of your life with your children, ought to be an embarrassing feat-of-betrayal for a full grown man.
Instead, here in the Mile High City, land of the Orange Crush, Ol’ Henry paints himself to the local papers as an tragic, misunderstood country boy, who’s working on taking care of his litter of children, and just wants to be left alone to spend time with his…new girlfriend.
Ain’t that a bitch.
But, let’s not focus on Henry’s immaturity and stupidity, it’s evident. Travis, an adult child, defines himself by his “little head”, and not his “big head”. On the other side, I’m not quite understanding how society permitted him to creep out the back-door on his vast parental obligations, but yet hang him high for smoking a joint?
I venture to say,it has a lot to do with low expectations.
If I’m correct, the press, fans and the NFL stresses, worried about the conduct of their players, recognizing the fact NFL players are role models for millions of young boys.
If that’s the case, if the league is so-very concerned with sending the proper message to young men – then by ignoring, if not condoning Henry’s sex life, they’ve done a disservice to the Afro- American village, which coast to coast, obviously has a critical problem with single- mother led households dominating the landscape.
Most Black players in the league, call it 51%, regrettably, don’t have a meaningful relationship with their fathers. That void manifest itself in everything from the excessive celebrations in the end- zone, to ranting and raving in the face of coaches on the sidelines, to the spousal abuse, to the extreme consumption of firewater, and the Mary Jane addictions often evident in their personal lives
A strong father in your life, a try- to-do-right- man, would have not allowed some of these self-destructive, predator behaviors to become entrenched in the fabric of a mancub. Translation, your pops don’t play that.
I’d submit, the Black players in the league with a dad in their lives, those lives more resemble that of an officer and a gentleman, than that of a gangster or pimp.
But I understand, as a nation of sportsfans, we don’t give a damn about why men like Ol’ Henry destroy their lives, sabotage their kids lives, and negatively influence millions of others.
We’ve no interest in addressing the systematic ills and woes plaguing too much of Black America.
There’s a sizeable slice of the American pie who could care less about the conditions the nation’s gladiators hale from.
Henry had the opportunity to contribute to the curtailing of a devastating trend amongst our people, and instead, he contributed to the misery factor, helped keep the plantation mentality in-tact.
And the White establishment he performs for, don’t give a ……
Travis Henry is a pimp, and it’s ok with the NFL. It’s ok with too much of black America. I can’t say how many young boys sporting Henry’s jersey, took it off after it was discoverd he was a pimp. It’s cool.
He’s simply a fool to laugh at in the eye’s of the media, Henry’s reckless Hugh Hefner behavior is considered, sadly, predictable, expectable and no ones shocked, just entertained.
Yes, perhaps impregnating nine women, having nine children… is a bit on the wild side, but tragically it’s deemed “a Black thang”, by too many Black and White folks.
It’s kinda like when Black folks ignorantly boast about Bill Clinton being the First Black president – due to his noted womanizing. When we adopt Wild Bill as one of our own, because of his gigolo lifestyle, we lower our standards, we do ourselves an injustice.
This is a behavior which is publicly ridiculed, yet excused by the white press and fan base because it plays into the stereotypes about Black male promiscuity. Henry’s life style fit’s the very low expectations mainstream white American holds for Blacks.
He’s a hustler baby….
The NFL, didn’t suspend him nor reprimand him in any real form nor fashion for abandoning 9 children, yet, he smoked a joint, and he could be exiled from the NFL for a year.
What crystal clear message does this decision send?
Abandoning babies is one thing, but inhaling Marijuana is something different. Let me get this right; You can adorn a Wheaties cereal box, if you’re a pimp, but not if you take a bong hit or bet on dog fighting….
It’s the totality of this I don’t grasp; there’s no penalty for what appears to be a grave disservice to human kind, and yet, the book is thrown at you for smoking a drug which is California’s No. 1 exported crop?
Rejecting your children should warrant at least the same punishment, no?
I’ve got to ask the question, what’s harms society more?
Compare and contrast: What act is actually criminal? Does not child abandonment have more of an impact and long-lasting negative ramifications? Damn near fatherless quasi-orphans; a bitter twisted trail of misery and heartbreak, opposed to smoking a joint.
I’d venture to say, there’re more doctors, police, educators, politicians, accountants and architects smoking weed…. than there are pro football players blowing smoke rings.
Ol’ Blood & Guts Bush (our kid’s blood, his guts) is deliberately sacrificing young people, swapping their blood for all the Texas Tea over on the Arabian Peninsula. Might it be appropriate to hang him too.
If we aren’t going to hold this yellow-bellyed pimp accountable and responsible for his criminal behavior, why do we do it with sports heroes?