Run Adrian Run Reggie Who

Updated: October 19, 2007



FORGET Reggie Bush

just kidding but the Truth is

Rookie Adrian Peterson is

the REAL Reggie Bush


the way Reggie was

expected to be doing

IF only Peterson wasn’t playing for Minnesota ? But wait of course that is the Symmetry of the NFL if not Life definitely NOT Life where those with the “best record” or call it all the power and all the loot just keep getting more of it. Imagine IF Life was like the NFL Draft where the Down Trodden get to pick the BEST..

Imagine how different YOUR Life would be ….

IF each year you got to go to some kind of “draft” and IF your Life had a MISERABLE record and nothing but LOSSES to show for all your hard work you got to get what all the “winners” with all the money and all the success already wanted to take more but instead it was awarded to YOU !!

It is a Great System so

WHY only in Sports

what about ALL

the rest of us

Talk about a going on a Tangent. But that’s why you LOVE the Box. It’s like no other Sports you read. We’ll leave conventional writing to all the Dullards who work for the White Sports Media. And there sure are lots of them.

Anyway the reason Minnesota’s Vikings got to pick Adrian Peterson #7 – after 5DUMB teams did not pick him #2-#3-#4 -#5 or #6 in the Draft right after Oakland scooped up JaMarcus Russell #1 in the Draft is because the Minnesota Vikings were such LOSERS last season.

And why Adrian Peterson already the #1 Rusher in the NFL no matter how good he is probably will NOT make the Post-Season at least not in 2007-2008. …..

But wait …….

SUNDAY2-3 Minnesota plays 5-1 Dallas on NATIONAL TV. Imagine IF Adrian Peterson single-handedly upsets Dallas running ALL over the Cowboys. The Vikes would then be 3-3 and the following week playing another less than overwhelming Philadelphia Eagles.

Again with Adrian Peterson leading the way these Minnesota Vikings could be 4-3 at 2007‘s mid-season. NOT Bad !! That could leave them in Second Place in their Division behind the Green Bay Packers. Possibly.

The Point is ….

Running Back Adrian Peterson may be that good even if the Minnesota Vikings are not. Although let’s not forget they have another developing Big Asset a BLACK Quarterback in Tarvaris Jackson. OK OK he’s no Peyton Manning or Brady Quinn so far but Jackson is only in his second Big League season.

Back to Adrian Peterson.

Real Focus of today’s Box

But as you noticed today we’re also providing you some “free association” in the Box as an extra treat. Here is the Real Deal on Peterson. Last SUNDAY against the Chicago Bears will mark Adrian’s true Coming of Age faster than many expected. Peterson was the key to the Vikings 34-31 Victory over Chicago following 3 consecutive Viking loses in spite of Peterson’s running.

Here’s how The Sports Network headlined their story about that game “PETERSON SAVES VIKINGS SEASON.” Here is how their reporter went on to describe the action, ” In a contest filled with explosive scoring plays, Peterson put the Vikings on his back and carried them to the finish line. The former Oklahoma stalwart ran for a franchise-record 224 yards and three touchdowns as the Vikings won at Soldier Field for the first time since 2000.”

And here is more ….

Adrian Peterson’s performance against the Bears was the most rushing yards given up by the Chicago Bears in their 88-year history.

Let’s repeat what he said Peterson ran for a franchise RECORD 224 yards while recording THREE Touchdowns.. Or in other words Adrian Peterson was the BEST running back in the NFL LAST Sunday. By far.

To emphasize that Point

Adrian Peterson is now


Runner in 2007

here’s the List and

it isn’t even Close

1. Adrian Peterson MIN 607

( note the others are within 5 yds of each other )

2. LaDainian Tomlinson SD 527

3. Ronnie Brown MIA 526

4. Willis McGahee BAL 525

5. Edgerrin James ARI 522

( NO Reggie Bush … he’s 33rd )

So take our advice

4:15PM ET Sunday

Minnesota @ Dallas

on FOX and find out

ENJOY for yourself

just how GOOD

Adrian Peterson is

and will be

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….