Rockies Not Biggest World Series Losers

Updated: October 29, 2007


Do the Count

TWO teams


roster players

16 Coaches

6 Umpires

9 Broadcasters

that WAS the World Series line-up

How many African Americans

among them …..

ONE player. Only Colorado relief pitcher LeTroy Hawkins. TWO coaches Boston’s DeMario Hale and Colorado’s Glenallen Hill. ONE Umpire Chuck Meriwether and ZERO FOX broadcasters. So out of 81 key and visible “positions” at this year’s World Series there were FOUR African Americans among the 81. Most notably just ONE player the Red Sox have NONE. And NO broadcasters whatsoever. ONE player NO broadcasters.

And some of you actually

THINK Baseball is still


only IF real integration

involves Whites & Latinos

To bring it really home the BEST team in Baseball by far today by most post-WS analysis the Boston Red Sox do not have even one African American. The closest they come is ONE coach 3rd Base Coach DeMario Hale. How about those Rockies in addition to rarely used Relief Pitcher LeTroy Hawkins they also have a Black Coach Glenallen Hale at 1st Base.

Then there is the Broadcast “team”

FOX had complete latitude to fill those 9 positions that include play by play, pre and post game analysis, “color” (sic) commentary plus roving reporters. FOX could have easily said we want a fully integrated broadcast team meaning adding ONE – never never more – African American among the 9 or just adding one more some African American out in the bleachers who would only get on the Air if someone hit a Home Run make that game WINNING Home Run right at him.

but that obviously not only wasn’t a priority

for Rupert Murdoch and HIS Fox network

it was rather of NO concern whatsoever

so finally the Baseball Season is over

next season it will be exactly the same

for African Americans except maybe

the Rockies won’t have any

African American players

and the merry go round

goes round and round

and wherever it stops

African Americans


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