Rising Woodson Goes For The Heisman

Updated: October 14, 2007


Throw out the Stereotype

of the Black Quarterback

Throw out the old 2007

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comes Andre Woodson again

Or should we say HERE COMES ANDRE WOODSON ! What a performance Saturday afternoon. Upsets of Upsets this Season. Previously # 17 Kentucky beating previously #1 LSU in Triple Overtime on the strength of yet another Woodson TD pass. On the day Woodson had 4 TDs, throwing for 3, running for 1 while passing for 250 yards.

And the Battle for the Heisman

has been Transformed

once again

Andre Woodson has just gone from a long shot Top 5 candidate for the Trophy this past week falling from grace after Kentucky’s surprising loss to South Carolinas the previous week is now again a leading Contender. As he was earlier in the Season. Next Saturday playing current National Champion Florida will either increase Woodson’s momentum or send him back in the pack again..

Indeed the rest of Kentucky’s schedule can produce a Heisman for Woodson if he is up to the Challenge. Following Florida, Kentucky then plays Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Georgia and Tennessee . Florida, Georgia and Tennessee all rank in the Top 25 providing Woodson the kind of opponents he needs to Shine.

Right now Kentucky ranks # 8 in the new AP Poll released Sunday. In the first Bowl Championship Series ranking of this season also released Sunday – a weighted compilation of a variety of other Polls – Kentucky ranks # 7.

Chances of Kentucky playing in the BCS Championship Game seem remote at this stage in the season but with all the strange results so far and the ever changing standings neither is it an impossibility. No doubt at all that Andre Woodson holds the key to the Wildcats fate whatever it will be and his own.

Through seven games Kentucky is 6-1. Woodson’s season stats so far are 1786 yards passing.

156 of 245 passes completed for a 63.7 percentage. His average yardage per pass is 7.29. Woodson has thrown for 21 TDs. He is NOT a Running Quarterback. While scoring 3 TDs on the ground so far at the same time he has rushed for a MINUS 86 yards to make that point.

So much for Stereotypes

we have been guilty


Sure it’s great if a Black Quarterback can throw and run but it is not a dual talent White Quarterbacks are expected to display. The fact is Running Quarterbacks have an advantage that is far out-weighted by the problem of frequency of injury and shorter careers since no Quarterback’s legs hold up as well as their arm. Eagles’ Quarterback Donovan McNabb is currently a prime example. He can’t run any more and his career is receding fast.

What most distinguishes Woodson

so clearly on display Saturday

against LSU is team


There was no doubt at all who was self-confidently in charge of the Kentucky Offense. And it was a real pleasure watching him constantly repositioning the team play after play before the snap. Only running the ball himself when it made sense or he had to. As in scoring a TD Saturday when all his receivers were covered.

Woodson faces some heavy competition for the Heisman. Especially two Black running backs and a White Quarterback but IF he can pull it off for the first time ever in the history of the Heisman we would reach another milestone.

The first time African American Quarterbacks have won back to back Heisman Trophies.. For right now the immediate challenge is to be one of either three or five players summoned to New York City in December for the Award

In the case of Andre Woodson were he to win the Trophy it is very unlikely he will suffer the fate of Ohio State QB Troy Smith the 2006 Heisman who was undrafted and finally got lucky being picked up by the Ravens as an inactive reserve player. Not Woodson he has the tools, size, character and leadership to be drafted as a future Starting NFL Quarterback..

And if Woodson wins the Heisman let’s hope he doesn’t make a FOOL of himself as Troy Smith did after winning the Heisman telling reporters that night he did not see himself as a Black Quarterback and he didn’t care that Warren Moon was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame the first Black QB ever. If you believe in karma Smith may have sealed his Fate with those embarrassing comments.

More importantly looking to the future

It looks like Andre Woodson is the Real Deal

we will know even better next Saturday afternoon

when # 7 Kentucky plays # 15 Florida

( Bowl Championship Series ranking )

another game not to be missed

the continuing “education” of

Quarterback Andre Woodson

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