Mile High Denver Wants Ricky Williams

Updated: October 3, 2007


Ricky Williams is

the story that keeps

on giving and giving

us new chapters

He isn’t even responsible for the latest Chapter but it may well be the most Bizarre yet. Certainly unprecedented. Unlikely to be repeated elsewhere. Either Brilliant or INSANE. You Dear Readers decide.. As always in the Box..

We’d call it Smart

if mis-placed

Turns out a group that lobbies for Legal Marijuana decided to rent a BIG billboard across the street from Denver’s Invesco Field where the Denver Broncos play using Ricky’s well deserved reputation as a Pot Head to make their case. Reportedly the billboard space cost them $ 4000. In return they are getting $ 4MILLION dollars worth of publicity and media attention.

Ricky gets nothing

but Laughs

Unless of course the Broncos listen to SaferChoice the group that wants the Broncos to deal with the Miami Dolphins for Ricky’s Services. Might not be a Bad Deal since Ricky has applied for re-instatement following his last FAILED NFL administered random drug test where Ricky tested POSITIVE for the Weed back in April yet again, and it is very unclear if the Dolphins want Ricky back no matter how Good he is when he is a his Best which is VERY Good.

On the other hand what

is the chance Ricky

will NOT test



On the other hand. Yes a third hand. Imagine you just smoked a few Joints with Ricky. On this other hand IF Ricky gets dealt to Denver he can be confident he has a second job waiting for him as the Spokesman for SaferChoice should he test POSITIVE again. In fact from SaferChoice’s perspective they will be Ecstatic IF Ricky tests POSITIVE again. They will be vindicated.

Sorry here is the billboard ……


Let’s look at this all “logically.” Maybe SaferChoice is RIGHT. They are certainly RIGHT in that terminally ill cancer patients would be better off smoking Marijuana than being pumped up with Morphine.

Which is very LEGAL for doctors to administer even in large continuing doses but if they gave a Joint to their dying cancer patient they’d likely lose their medical license and possibly go to jail in most states.

On the other hand. Yes another hand. Keep smoking. On the fourth hand what about players smoking the Weed on the sidelines. Are we sure it won’t improve their play ?? Has anyone EVER tested the effect of Marijuana on football players during a game.

NO ! So how do we know. In fact do we know Ricky was not HIGH the season he led the NFL in rushing yards.

NO we do not !

Ricky rushed for 3, 225 yards in the 2002-2003 season

So far the Broncos are 0-4 this early season

while none of their players

Smoke Marijuana

And what about Coaches. How about Bill Belichick. Maybe if he was smoking the Weed he’d be less prone to CHEAT because there are tests that have shown many individuals are less hostile and more loving toward others hen they are HIGH on Marijuana. You may have proof of that yourself ?

The point is ……

We just don’t know

without proper testing

so how about we stop

persecuting Ricky and

and the NFL see him as

a National Resource with

endless even unique experience

how about sending him to

Mile HIGH Denver and

let’s see what happens !

what if these Broncos

start WINNING but

on the other hand

yes that makes 5

keep Smoking !

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