LSU’s Golden Quarterback And Saturday’s Big Big Big Game

Updated: October 4, 2007


After a few Good Seasons

in fact better than good

when Black Quarterbacks

were Starting for 50%+

of the top NCAA teams

it’s back to “normal”

One very bright spot in an otherwise largely dismal 2007 NCAA football season seen from the perspective of African American Quarterbacks is Surprising # 1 LSU’s “some time” Starting Quarterback Sophomore Ryan Perrilloux.

Sadly for Perrilloux and fans of Black Quarterbacks so far anyway Ryan has had to alternate with White QB Matt Flynn in taking LSU to 5-0 this season.. Flynn is a 5th year Senior who should be selling insurance or something now but instead he is the impediment to Perrilloux reaching his Potential.

When Perrilloux finished high school a few years ago he was rated the top high school recruit in the nation. Major college powerhouses fought over him but when all was said and done at the very last moment he chose LSU. It is very questionable if he would have had he known he would have to wait until at least his Junior Year to become THE LSU Starting Quarterback.

Of course he’s not complaining

he can’t especially as a Black Quarterback

so we’re here to do it for him

Get this if you want to know why someone has to speak up for Ryan, LSU head coach Les Miles has only let him Start one game this season. Here is the result. He led the LSU Tigers to a 44-0 win over Middle Tennessee, completing 20 of 25 passes for 298 yards and 3 TDs but he has not Started since.

And he may not Start Saturday

against # 9 Florida in a BIG game

that will seal or break LSU’s

hold on the # 1 Ranking

To put this even more in perspective Perrilloux in his senior year in high school St. John High in tiny Reserve, Louisiana, Ryan produced 67 Touchdowns. He passed for 3546 yards and 30 TDs, and ran for 1460 yards and 37 TDs. His achievements rank him as the GREATEST high school QB in the history of the State.

Still he is playing Second Fiddle

to forgettable Matt Flynn

Here are Flynn’s “impressive” stats this season in 5 games 4 of which was Starting Quarterback. He has completed a mediocre 53 of 94 Passes for 673 yards and all of 3 TDs. Now here are Perrilloux’ stats “filling in” for Flynn. Perrilloux has completed 28 of 37 Passes for 402 yards and 6 TDs., and Ryan has rushed for another 143 yards bringing his Total to 545 yards. Flynn has rushed for 21 yards.

Yes Coach Miles has a “rationale” if that’s what you want to call it for favoring Flynn over Perrilloux. He is worried about Perrilloux’ “maturity” having had as they say a “troubled” young life. Well the best way to get him to keep his mind on football is LET HIM PLAY..

Louisiana’s season may be decided on Saturday in that the National Championship LSU is dreaming of will probably be shattered if Florida upends them. And that is possible because Defending National Champs Florida’s Gators are still dreaming of repeating but after their stunning loss to Auburn last week they can’t afford another loss which will knock them out of the Top Ten and guarantee they have NO chance to be the NCAA Champs again..

Saturday night’s BATTLE

is the game of the season so far

but the biggest BATTLE of all

has begun in Les Miles’ head

whether he will START

Flynn or Perrilloux

we’ll find out

Saturday night

choose well


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