Gatorade’s New Face Tiger’s Own Brew But Is A Secret Formula

Updated: October 17, 2007



Sorry you won’t be able

to give cases of Tigerade

( Gatorade Tiger )

to friends for Christmas

it won’t be available

until March 2008

The good news if that is what you want to call it is that it will be the same old Gatorade formula in Tiger’s favorite flavors. And with Tiger’s face and name on the bottles. Yes it will probably cost more than “regular” Gatorade but why not. Do you expect to enjoy Tiger have him in the palm of your hand for nothing.

GET REAL. You having the pleasure to connect with Tiger. To become Tiger simply by believing that by drinking bottle after bottle of Tigerade that you will be ingesting a Secret Formula even if Gatorade and Tiger deny it. A Secret Formula that will make you the NEW Tiger Woods.

NO matter what Sport you play. Or if you don’t play Sports. It doesn’t matter. Let’s say you are a Garbage Man excuse us Renewable Resource Specialist it does not matter when you drink Tigerade your body and mind will “learn” the secrets and the talent that Tiger brings to golf and to business that can be applied by you anyway you like in any pursuit. If it’s True ?

Now we have been critical

of Tiger here in the Box

again and again …..

But Tiger Woods may well have Redeemed himself with this deal with Gatorade owner PepsiCo. Reportedly with Tiger being paid royalties for each bottle sold in addition to a marketing agreement fee. Estimates are the deal may be worth $100Million or more to Tiger IF people buy the stuff.

And why shouldn’t they

now that we have revealed


We have been ever critical of Tiger’s refusal to identify himself as an African American. To use his unequaled celebrity and power within Sports to address any of the many issues confronting African Americans in Sports. Beginning with golf itself of course. Tiger is MUM all the time. UNTIL NOW

How has Tiger redeemed himself ??

Tiger may well be speaking to all humans and most of all African Americans with his new Tigerade. Giving each of us the POWER to be like him simply by BUYING AND DRINKING his New Brew. That drinking Tigerade will unleash the dormant potential that exists in all of us but for most of us is never realized. Forget Steroids. This may be the Real Deal !

It may be a mark of Pure Genius on Tiger’s part that will elevate him even higher on the Pedestal of Sports Gods only he qualifies to stand atop. YES Tiger is the world’s most successful Athlete and Marketing Machine but with his Gatorade Tiger what he may have done is transformed that POWER into something beyond all his other accomplishments making $$$

It will take some time to validate the value of drinking Gatorade Tiger. Will it matter how much you drink ? How regularly you drink it. What flavor you drink.. Will age make a difference. Gender. Your educational level. Where you live. Who knows at this point. Gatorade Tiger is uncharted territory.

the only disappointment is

we all have to WAIT until

March 2008 four LONG months

BEFORE we can buy Gatorade Tiger

that is NOT fair Tiger should insist

Gatorade Tiger be available in

time for Christmas

what a Gift !


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