College Athletics Out Of Control More Than Ever

Updated: October 21, 2007


It certainly is not a new situation

hardly to say the least but it has

reached another “plateau”

The absurdity of $$$$$ in College Sports and the ABUSE of players that are inherent to this Con Game. In this case the “plateau” are two virtually simultaneous articles in major publications BRAGGING out loud how much like successful BUSINESSES major college sports programs are. Let’s be specific FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL are the Money Makers virtually no other college sports.

And what Sports fans most characterizes

Big Time College Football & Basketball

it is one of the few places in America

where African Americans are

“The Majority”

The two recent articles in Question are Saturday’s Wall Street Journal with its banner title dominating its Weekend Journal. The article about Ohio State’s “record breaking” $109 MILLION athletic budget this year ALL from football and basketball REVENUES is titled …..

very very appropriately “MONEY MACHINE

Possibly even more audacious is the article in the current issue of FortuneMagazine titled “The Biggest Gators In The Swamp” and even better sub-title “HERE’S HOW THE FLORIDA PROGRAM BECAME THIS INDUSTRY’S MOST ADMIRED CORPORATION.”

That’s right Fortune doesn’t even pretend

college sports are about academics

building young minds and bodies it’s

an INDUSTRY and UFlorida it’s

most admired CORPORATION

Yes you already know the answer

we’ll ask The Question anyway

What separates this INDUSTRY

from ALL others ??????

That’s right the WORKERS don’t get PAID anything for their labor. They get some “benefits” in return for making their CORPORATIONS rich beyond imagination. Of course the MANAGERS and there are all sorts of “managers” in each college athletic department they ALL get paid very well indeed.

And believe it or not

The REAL problem are not these NCAA colleges who can be expected to get away with anything they can. Our institutions of HIGHER learning are often a shallow facade for institutions that attract the “worst and the greediest.” Whatever good colleges do there is NO doubting at the highest end the name colleges are really elaborate training grounds for the children of what we don’t call here in America the Ruling Elite. Rather the Best & the Brightest and o yes the Richest by the way.. Where the Elite Kids get their tickets punched and establish the “relationships” that keep giving and giving for a life time.

Which brings us to another

pathetic institution as

it operates if not

in theory

The United States Supreme Court

Which in a “normal” society should have ruled long ago that preventing student athletes from being paid for their VALUABLE labor amounts to “indentured servitude” also known as SLAVERY which was supposedly outlawed by the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Yes it’s also worth repeating endlessly

OUR U.S. Constitution needed to

be AMENDED to outlaw


Back to the Supreme Court. These 9 DISTINGUISHED mostly men and an occasional woman ALL the products of the BEST colleges have repeatedly refused in all kinds of ways to acknowledge that college sports are BUSINESS and that student athletes have ANY rights let alone the right to get PAID for doing their job of playing Sports specifically Football & Basketball.

We were going to quote extensively

from both these articles and give you

the eye popping revenue figures

at college after college and how

they throw it around for

corporate jets and the

like and HUGE

salaries for EVERYONE

except the PLAYERS

why even bother

it’s a waste of time like

complaining that the U.S. Iraq

Invasion and Occupation

is NOT a war by any

legitimate definition

( it’s Colonialism )