Brilliant Pittsburgh (Not)

Updated: October 6, 2007

Lloyd McClendon REMEMBER HIM

Even thought we already

gave you the answer

we’ll ask the Question

weren’t the Pittsburgh Pirates


dumping Lloyd McClendon

two seasons ago in favor of

The Loser Jim Tracy

Well the Pirates just answered that Question themselves. They just unceremoniously FIRED their Great White Hope Jim Tracy after just TWO seasons of a 3 year contract he was so BAD.. Even though Pittsburgh must still pay him another $ 1.2 Million for 2008 NOT to come to the Ballpark..

How BAD is Tracy

read this …

” Though the $ 1.2 million he will receive in 2008 in the final year of his three-year, $3.3-million contract makes for a parachute more platinum than golden since his chances of landing a major-league managerial gig anytime soon are slim. ”

” Throw in his 91-loss season with Los Angeles in 2005 and Tracy has lost a mind-boggling 280 games in three years..

His 280 losses over the last three seasons were the most in the Majors.

( operative phrase MIND-BOGGLING loses )


Do they keep that stat in the MLB Record Book

MOST loses by a Manager over 3 seasons ??

They should because ……

It shows just how STUPID Pirates’ ownership and management were for DUMPING Lloyd McClendon for Tracy. Not only for firing McClendon but if you believe some Pittsburgh sports journalists reports the Pirates were also under-handed and duplicitous toward the Super Loyal McClendon.

read this ….

” Perhaps that feeling stems from Tracy being an accomplice in Littlefield’s back-stabbing of former manager Lloyd McClendon, whose loyalty to the Pirates was never questioned and now looks like John McGraw in light of what has happened the last two seasons.”

“Littlefield spent an hour in the visiting manager’s office with Tracy when the Dodgers visited PNC Park in August 2005. McClendon was still the Pirates manager but the events of the following two months made it clear Littlefield and Tracy struck a deal during that conversation.”

“McClendon was fired a month later and Pete Mackanin, who was solid as interim manager, was not given a chance to interview for the job on a permanent basis. Meanwhile, Tracy walked away from the final year of his contract in Los Angeles while Littlefield sat through sham interviews with Ken Macha and Freddy Gonzalez to give the appearance that Tracy didn’t already have the job..”

Dave Littlefield is

EXCUSE us was

Pittsburgh’s GM

until yesterday

when he like Tracy


Likewise Pirates CEO Kevin McClatchy was FIRED by Pirates principal owner Bob Nutting ( pronounce NUTting or NOTHing if you prefer ). Too bad Bob Nutting won’t FIRE himself for giving up on Lloyd McClendon who had a long term plan for the team, in favor of LOSER Jim Tracy.

Want more …..

” Tracy’s teams were 67-95 in 2006 and 68-94 this season during the shortest run of any non-interim Pirates manager since Bill Virdon was ousted late into his second season in 1973.” Pittsburgh finished DEAD last in the NL with the WORST record in the National League and the second WORST in the Majors just one game better than the also very lowly American League Tampa Bay.

And for this we LOST

one of only THREE

African American

ML Managers


Lloyd McClendon is

better off now as

Detroit Tigers

Hitting Coach and

away from the LOSERS

the Pittsburgh Pirates

and their management

and “good luck”

Jim Tracy

( NOT )

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