BASN’s Heisman Trophy Watch 3

By Richard Kent
Updated: October 12, 2007
Heisman TrophyCONNECTICUT — Here’s a brief look at my top five Heisman Trophy award candidates entering this weekend’s action.

Darren McFadden, Arkansas – He is still the leading contender. He is the best player in the country and is averaging 6.0 rpg. He has 7 touchdowns and has done a great job receiving. It is his to lose.


Andre Woodson, Kentucky – Despite losing to South Carolina Woodson still had a good game. He is completing 65 points to ppg. His team needs to win out to give him a chance.


Matt Ryan, Boston – B.C. – His team is ranked no. 4 in the country and he is the reason. He has completed over 60% of his passes and has thrown for 1,857 yards. His touchdown to interception ratio is great. He also has been more mobile this year. Big game coming up with Notre Dame.


Michael Hart, Michigan – Hart has rushed for 976 yards this year and Michigan is really picking up the tempo. We need to see how he performs in the big 10 wars. Right now he is certainly a favorite.

5. Dennis Dixon, Oregon – He is being hurt only because other quarterbacks in the nation are performing than him thus far. He is playing for a great team. He was 31 for 44 for 306 yards against Cal. He has a chance.