BASN NFL Picks: Week Six

By Tony McClean
Updated: October 11, 2007
NFL Sunday Ticket

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — While looking back at Week Five and looking a forward to Week Six, one question arose after watching the Bills fall to the Cowboys: Which weekly football commercial has become the most obnoxious and least favorite to watch?

Is it the Coors Light news conference guys? How about “Manning’s” Also, if I see the “commish” of the More Taste League again I may just throw up. Quite frankly (sorry Stephen A.), I liked John C. McGinley better when he expertly spoofed Jim Rome in “Any Given Sunday”.

Between those ads and the impending “Frank TV” program on TBS, I’m surprised I have any braincells left to watch either baseball or football. But I digress, let’s quickly get back to the action on the field.

Needless to say, the boatloads of hype surrounding the New England at Dallas game has been dominating the news. It appears we will have Tom Brady and Tony Romo shoved down our collective throats throughout the rest of the season.

Thankfully, there are several other intriguing games for us fans this weekend. In the NFC, Washington travels to Green Bay. In the AFC, Jacksonville hosts Houston in a South Division battle.


Something interesting to ponder. Since 2000, 39 teams that finished Week 5 with a winning record didn’t make the playoffs. However, 11 teams with losing records at that point did make the playoffs, including the 2001 New England Patriots, who were 2-3 and went on to win Super Bowl XXXVI.


Last week, New England’s Junior Seau at age 38 became the oldest player in history to make two interceptions in one game. Which player has the most career interceptions by an active linebacker.

A. Donnie Edwards
B. Derrick Brooks
C. Ray Lewis
D. Zach Thomas
E. Junior Seau
(Answer comes at the end of this column).

LAST WEEK: 8-6 (34-26 overall)
Alright, back to .500 again. The news of my demise has been generally over exaggerated. We were just a few seconds away from calling the upset of the year at Orchard Park, but despite using timeouts accumulated from last Columbus Day (AND NO DAMN OFFENSE!!), we came up just a bit short. The Cheeseheads and Broncos let us down at home, while the Steelers, Skins, and Colts just keep rolling along.

Team Tivo heads to Dallas at the right time for this showdown. While New England, toyed with Romeo Crennel’s Browns at Foxboro last Sunday, Big D was more than lucky to get outta Buffalo with a last gasp win. The Cowboy fan says, “If they can play that bad and win, they should be able to beat the Patriots”. Sorry to burst your unrealistic bubble, but I think New England’s offense will find a way to score. Let’s face it, you used all your good karma Monday night. Prepare to fall Sunday.
Pick: Patriots.

Despite the decent football history that Jacksonville has achieved over the years, there’s still one team that gets their goat — the Texans. In fact, since Houston came into the league in 2002, they’ve beaten the Jaguars six out of the 10 times they have played, including a sweep last year. Houston comes into the game with the seventh-ranked passing offense in the league, but the Jags D appears to be heating up again. Last week, they held Kansas City to 10 total rushing yards. We’re thinking that it’s time Jacksonville scratches that itch Houston always seems to give them.
Pick: Jaguars.

We all knew that eventually Brett Favre’s recklessness would catch up to him. I just didn’t expect it to come against the Bears. Even though this is a home, there’s no rest of the weary. Now the Pack takes on the league’s third-ranked defense of the Redskins which limited the NFL’s top pass offense of Detroit last week to just 76 yards. Grandpa Gibbs’ boys also added five sacks by four different players. We’ve been high on Jason Campbell and the Skins all season. Sunday won’t change that one bit.
Pick: Redskins.

It was close, but no cigar for the reeling and still winless Saints last week as they were nipped by the Panthers at the Dome. They now travel to Seattle to take on a Seahawks squad that has already experienced a roller-coaster season in just five weeks. Despite that, they are still tied with Cardinals for the top spot in NFC West early on. At this point, we feel that the Saints are a little more desperate for a win. Taking down the Birds at home is a good place to start.
Pick: Saints.

With or without Michael Vick, this game didn’t really look to be all that exciting. New York has made a decent turnaround (especially defensively) after their slow start. The Falcons had a chance to get their second straight win last week at Tennessee, but their season of Buzzard’s Luck reared its ugly head at the end of the game.

New York has not lost in Atlanta since 1978, winning six in a row as the road team. Monday night shouldn’t be any different.

Pick: Giants.

Ravens over Rams: A single in the fourth quarter gives Baltimore a 3-2 victory.

Eagles over Jets: It’s a safe bet that Gang Green won’t get a 12-sack game against Philly.

Bengals over Chiefs: Only because Cincy has to get it done sooner or later.

Vikings over Bears: Chicago and Mr. Griese comeback to Earth in a bad way.

Titans over Bucs: With this win, Tennessee will become the league’s quietest 4-1 team.

Cardinals over Panthers: A little D-Back karma should help this bunch.

Browns over Dolphins: Hey, Romeo!! Take it easy on Mr. Cleo Lemon will ya??

Chargers over Raiders: Oakland will keep it close, but as usual will also find a way to lose it.


Donnie Edwards leads all active linebackers with 28 career picks. Brooks and Lewis are tied for second with 24 each while Thomas and Seau are right behind with 17 each. Ironically, Edwards, Lewis, and Thomas were all products of the 1996 NFL Draft.

Byes: Buffalo, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco.