BASN Classic BlackBox: 38 Reasons Why African Americans Are Losing In The Sports Industry

Updated: October 23, 2007



Shove the 10% Factor

( besides it’s 5% here )

we’re talking sports industry here

mostly football, basketball and some baseball

The well respected sports ‘bible’ Sports Business Journal has released its prestigious annual ” 40 Under 40 ” Awards for 2006. Yes the 40 top executives in American sports who are blessed to be under 40 years of age.

And guess what

All of 2 of the 40 are African American. And that is far better than the companion Under 40 Hall of Fame – the best Under 40s of recent years – which Sports Business Journal also announced. There are 22 names on that List. And NO African Americans anywhere to be found ! So that of a total of 62 young sports industry executives honored 2 are African American.

Anybody think we don’t have a Problem ?

Only White “Supremacists” who come

in many different forms and

are often Invisible

We can make this even Worse because it is. Among all these Achievers are success stories in every single aspect of the sports industry. Broadcast, marketing, league officials, team executives, Internet powerhouses, agents, etc., etc. Of the 2 African Americans on the List one is a college athletic director, the other a sports attorney at a prominent law firm.

Both earn our Great Praise

they deserve it but

The limited range added to the limited number on the List only serves to intensify the problem. And of course the true importance of these Under 40 type lists is not as much the precise level of success these individuals have achieved but more to the Point these are the individuals who will be in the Top Tier positions in Sports for the next 2 decades.

The Faces of the Future. As White as ever !

Who are the 2 African Americans in this Desert

Damon Evans the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia who is 36. The other African American Honoree is Jim Tanner, 37, attorney, and Partner at Williams & Connolly, who represents a group of leading NBA players including Tim Duncan. But that’s it Sports Fans.

The other 38 on the List who are not African American, all but one of them “pure white” along with the 22 new Under 40 Hall of Famers are all inclusive successful within a bewildering range of sports related positions in various Leagues and many industry segments.

Also keep in Mind

That this small grouping inevitably reflects the wider universe from which these 62 high achievers come. There is every reason in the world to believe that just as less than 5% of this group is African Americans, that the entire sports industry especially among the ranks of those with Stars next to their names are the Same. The leaders and decision makers of today and tomorrow reflect the same 5%.

Once again

Even though the player base in the major sports is well over 50% African American. The discrepancy reflects just One Thing the lack of Opportunity for Black Americans off the Field in the Sports Industry.

And that Sports Fans

Is one more insidious and corrosive

aspects off American Sports’

Inequality & Unfairness

It is interesting and reinforcing that on the very same day as the Sports Business Journal List hit the news stand that The New York Times ran a front page story that African Americans especially young African American men are the one segment in our society being completely left behind in large numbers. That if anything life is getting more difficult with less opportunities for Black males.

As the Sports Business Journal

proves with its List

the Sports Industry is

in the same White Boat

and its Throwing

African Americans Overboard

in large numbers.

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