BASN Classic BlackBox: 1936 All Over Again

Updated: October 8, 2007

A BASN Classic BlackBox Last Updated:August 16, 2007 1936 ALL OVER AGAIN


Time to WAKE up

to the REAL China not

the China of our dreams

Back in 1936 Jesse Owens became the Face of the Olympics with his historic performance, WINNING 4 GOLD MEDALS IN ONE DAY. The “myth” has been ever since that Owens’ stealing the show in Berlin amounted to a major setback for Adolph Hitler. Well that is what it is a “myth” as in untrue..

No doubt about it Hitler and the Aryans would have been far happier if a WHITE athlete had emerged as the greatest story of the 1936 Olympics. Far far happier. But that issue receded to minor importance compared to the very very real VALUE the 1936 Berlin Olympics conferred on Hitler and the Nazis.

RESPECTABILITY they could get in no other way.

Indeed the 1936 Olympics played its part in Hitler’s murderous Reign of Terror that followed.

72 years later

Beijing 2008 and

the world is set to make

another MAJOR mistake

No China does not pose the same kind of threat as Nazi Germany but in its own way China presents its own frightening nefarious world view that enslaves the vast majority of Chinese citizens, and as its power grows the threat of this Totalitarian State grows ever larger beyond its borders. If nothing else a “model” for others all over the world to savagely control their own citizens.

The latest most frightening example

China has just announced a new state of the art surveillance system that it will use to more rigidly control the country’s 1.3 billion as never before an electronic control that will become ever more complex, all inclusive and detailed.

With the involvement of American technology companies yes AMERICAN companies the Chinese dictatorship has just announced the “Golden Shield Project” that will first be implemented in one large Chinese city then the entire nation. This insidious system will place electronic surveillance units on virtually every street corner and require all Chinese to carry official ID cards at all time with electronic chips embedded in them that allow 24 hour monitoring of every activity of every Chinese. The surveillance units will also include face recognition cameras that will make identification even more complete.

Look up the term Orwellian

But even without this electronic control system China is one of the most repressive governments on Earth and certainly the largest in human history. Chinese are entitled to NO personal rights. The Communist Party has complete dictatorial control. Untold thousands are rotting in primitive Chinese prisons simply for expressing themselves. Human rights activists are hunted down.

At the same time business is allowed to “flourish” but in a corrupt largely unregulated way that breeds a nation steeped in Corruption and as we all know manufacturing dangerous and sub-standard products. That is even without factoring in the massive counterfeit industries all over China producing everything from CDs to the most exotic prescription drugs..

Hundreds of millions of peasants in open revolt live in extreme poverty at the most primitive level to “support” of the needs of the cities and the business class. Local Communist Party officials operate their own profit making fiefdoms largely out of the control of the Central Party. Largely corrupt.

As bad a pollution is worldwide it is completely out of control in China and getting substantially worse every year. Most Chinese cities including its largest Beijing and Shanghai exist in a permanent haze of pollution with the sun almost never visible. And these are the conditions for the Olympics. Never has an Olympic been held in a venue with pollution as bad as in Beijing.

Then there is Darfur and vicious dictatorships all over Africa that China is doing business with no matter how repressive these regimes in most to get the oil and mineral rights with China making these African dictators more powerful than they have ever been as a result of Chinese funding..


One way in which hosting the Olympics in China is far worse than having the Olympics in Nazi Germany in 1936 is that 72 years ago the Olympics was a very minor sports event compared to what it is today. The impact and the value of an Olympics in 2008 is a hundred times greater with ubiquitous worldwide media and trillion dollar worldwide economies. And huge marketing campaigns beyond anyone’s ability to conceive way back in 1936..

We cannot justify having

the Olympics in China

African American athletes arising from a society that enslaved Black Americans for hundreds of years in good conscience cannot now go and ASSIST the Chinese dictators in making their country look like a “paradise” when it is a modern day slave state. The result of a “successful” Olympics in China will bring major new prestige and power to the Chinese Communist rulers that will make them even more able to repress their own people. For generations to come.

For awhile it seemed as though maybe China would become a freer, more open less corrupt society in the years leading up to the Olympics and that would justify the 2008 Beijing Olympics WELL IT HAS NOT HAPPENED.


There is ONLY one answer

MOVE the Olympics

OUT of China even if

it means postponing

them until 2009 or

even 2010 maybe

best in Athens Greece

the original home of

the Olympics

Most of All




Never Again ….

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