Updated: October 4, 2007

BlackAthlete.net was founded in early 1999 by four individuals who harbored a vision for a site anchored in sports that will be the definitive place on the Internet to find coverage of Black athletes, and Black involvement in sports at all levels. A site that will appeal to anyone and everyone who enjoys the best coverage possible. Black Americans are the largest socio-economic group in our nation, African Americans alone comprising almost 15% of U.S. population, if you include other people of color as we do at BlackAthlete.com the figures become even more imposing. The combined income and buying power of this group exceeds $500Billion annually and it is growing rapidly.

Blackathlete.net’s sports coverage is provided by a growing network of recognized professional Black sports journalists who also work for major media around the country. As the site evolves you will find an array of sports topics and special reports on a regular basis. The site will be enhanced with many other features which we will roll out in a scheduled release during the remainder of 2006 and beyond. Our sensitivity to our subject matter and the quality and range of our staffing makes our goal a more complete and dynamic sports site than will be found elsewhere on the Internet. And we are eager to have input from our audience regarding all aspects of the site.

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