Wrong Magic Stop Soaking The Rest Of Us

Updated: September 6, 2007



That’s what The Rich do

they SOAK the rest of us

while convincing us we

are SOAKING them

looks like Magic has

been hanging out with too

MANY Rich White Guys

Drinking the KOOLAID

The latest Con Game comes with a term worth remembering apparently not new but well hidden until recently and the hedge fund abuses recently exposed. It is called CARRIED INTEREST. Of course it is a meaningless term meant to cloak its REAL purposes. It’s REAL purpose is to allow the Rich most of all the SUPER Rich to run a “legal” (sic) Tax Scam.

And what a SCAM it is

It allows hedge fund and other investment fund executives to reap millions often hundreds of million in annual income and NOT declare it as INCOME so they don’t have to pay the 35% INCOME tax on such outrageous income. Instead they declare it CARRIED INTEREST which means all that INCOME gets taxed at the capital gains rate which is 15% or 20% less and millions of dollars less.

Try that on your INCOME

you’ll end up with BIG penalties

maybe even in JAIL because

you aren’t one of the Super Elite

AKA America’s Ruling Class

as you already know or

SHOULD there are TWO

sets of rules in America

ONE for the Powerful

another for the rest of us

often referred to in private


So what does this have to do with Magic Johnson even more mysteriously with Sports. What’s going on Black Box. Listen up Readers it has Everything to do with Magic and with Sports. Magic has just come out publicly in favor of continuing this ABUSE which certain members of Congress are trying to end.

Magic thinks its good for

America and Black Folk

the same way Thomas Jefferson

thought SLAVERY was

good for Black Folk

Looks like Magic’s

back on the Plantation

living in the Big House

Magic is a leader of a new group named Access to Capital Coalition composed of “minority” business people OPPOSED to these Rich Americans having to pay INCOME tax on their INCOME. Magic argues it would “discourage investment in neglected areas.” Don’t ask why because there is no logical reason.

The implied reason is that IF the Super Rich have to pay their FAIR share of I NCOME taxes they WON’T invest in Inner Cities.

WELL GUESS WHAT MAGIC THEY DON’T NOW. Rich White Guys ONLY come into Black communities when they see an opportunity to chase Black Americans OUT and “gentrify” formerly vibrant African American neighbors.

But let’s look at the

much LARGER issue

The argument of Magic and all The Rich White Guys in favor of this tax ABUSE is that in effect IF we force them to pay their legitimate INCOME taxes they will stop investing in America. They will take their money elsewhere where they can get away with all the ABUSE they like. For those of you who don’t know or have forgotten it’s called the SERF ECONOMY.

All of us who aren’t Rich the middle class and especially the poor must subsidize the rich with our labor and their taxes because 1) RICH people are SUPERIOR beings, and 2) RICH people have the POWER to do whatever they want.

Just as it was in the Middle Ages

when Serfdom ruled Europe

OK Black Box we get the Magic connection but how does this have to do with Sports. Listen up Readers, CAREFULLY VERY CAREFULLY this may change your life forever. Hear this.


The very same White RULING Class mentality that controls our tax system and our government is the very same system and the very same people in many cases who CONTROL Sports in America and insure virtually NO Black ownership in Sports, very little Black management in Sports and a virtual absence of African Americans from many Sports and events like the Winter Olympics and the vast majority of the many NCAA Sports played in colleges across America.

As long as WE allow the SUPER Rich

to abuse us they will ABUSE every

aspect of life including Sports

and sadly with the support

of Black handmaidens

like Magic Johnson

one more thing

Magic Johnson is proving

when it comes to being a

FOOL there are both

White and Black FOOLS

and you are ONE Magic

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