What’s ‘Good’ For Vick Is ‘Good’ For Belichick

Updated: September 13, 2007




Well well well

the chickens

are coming

home to roost

VERY fast

Is it Bigot Time in America yet again. We are all going to find out very soon. And the expectations are NOT good just as they NEVER are. So we are here to help NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell make the right decision here. And if he doesn’t he deserves what he gets. And our advice is FREE !

Let’s Begin with ….

Michael Vick. Stripped to the REAL issue Michael Vick is now being severely PUNISHED by the NFL for the crime of dog fighting. Yes dog fighting is the specific offense but that is simply the pretext for Commissioner Goodell’s action as well as the American Legal System’s.

The fact is …..

What Michael Vick did was violate the CODE of Conduct that ALL those in the NFL must CONFORM and beyond the NFL all of us as “good” citizens. For ignoring the CODE Michael Vick is 1) banished from the NFL for this season if not forever, and 2) Vick is going to jail. So far so good IF what is “good” for Vick IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE ELSE IN THE NFL.

Now bring in Bill Belichick

excuse us we mean 3 time

NFL SuperBowl Champions

Head Coach Bill Belichick

excuse us we mean the

NFL’s Greatest Active

Coach Bill Belichick

Let’s get right to

The Point ….

IF in fact the New England Patriots attempted let alone succeeded in STEALING the New Jersey Jets plays by videotaping the Jets coaches speaking into their microphones THEN BELICHICK IS A GONER or let’s put it this way he had better be. That is an OUTRAGE that goes FAR beyond dog fighting which has NOTHING to do with the INTEGRITY of the NFL.

Not only a GONER from the NFL

But there had better be a CRIMINAL investigation launched by the U.S. Attorney in both New Jersey where the game was played Sunday and in Massachusetts where the Patriots are located and where Belichick works. Attempting to ILLEGALLY influence a professional football game amounts to RACKETEERING and a conspiracy to commit FRAUD.

These are charges FAR more

serious than dog fighting

The NFL Commissioner has NO choice – unless he is a Big Time Hypocrite – than to immediately SUSPEND Belichick until a FULL investigation is complete and until the U.S. attorney launches a CRIMINAL investigation. And beyond any doubt the Patriots must FORFEIT last Sunday’s game to the Jets.

The very idea that the “punishment”

might be losing a draft pick or two or

Belichick offering an “apology”

is PURE Nonsense


IF the Patriots attempted to STEAL information about New Jersey Jets plays during the game this amounts to the biggest SCANDAL in all of NFL history. That’s right nothing less than the biggest SCANDAL in NFL history.

The fact that the most important and successful coach in the NFL is implicated only makes the CRIME that much Worse. Commissioner Goodell has publicly stated again and again not only will he NOT tolerate criminality within the NFL “family” but as much he will NOT tolerate unethical activities or activities that detract from the image or the quality of the NFL.

And as for the issue of BETTING which was completely misplaced being applied to Michael Vick since betting on dog fights has nothing to do with the NFL still many White Commentators were “demanding” Vick be banished for life from the NFL for in anyway being involved in an activity …….

…………. that would involve gambling related activity meaning the idea that something Vick did could be wildly construed as implying he might also be receptive to betting on NFL games meaning he might try to “fix” games.

Of course it is preposterous but if that “claim” can be hurled at Vick it REALLY can be hurled at Bill Belichick since STEALING the opponents plays WILL change the score and the result of NFL games and such activities are essential for any attempt to PROFIT from NFL games by “fixing” them.

Goodell used his ZERO tolerance mantra

as the very basis for bringing down


Michael Vick

And the football community, the sports media and all cross America Goodell was CHEERED for his firmness and his uncompromising stance toward Michael Vick and his “breaking the rules” by which the NFL “must” operate.

Well Roger the Chickens have

come home in the person

of Bill Belichick to Roost

right in front of you

we are about to

find out IF

you deserve to be

called Commissioner

or a Hypocrite

and Racist

America is waiting

to find out right now


We were the first to report Michael Vick would not be allowed to play during the 2007 NFL season back when Roger Goodell was still implying he would and when the sports media was unanimous in predicting he would. We noted Goodell would have NO choice but to keep Vick away and he did even BEFORE Michael Vick agreed to a plea bargain and plead guilty.

Once again here …

We are stating again before anyone else Roger Goodell will be forced to SUSPEND Bill Belichick because as much as it is the last thing he or any of the 32 NFL owners really want him to do …..

………… the fact is any other decision is completely unsupportable without severely damaging the NFL..

The idea that Bill Belichick can show up each and every Sunday and coach the Patriots as thought nothing has happened as though spying on the opposing team is NO big deal is preposterous.

Good Bye Bill Belichick !

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