Two Mountain Men Vying For The Heisman

Updated: September 4, 2007



What TIME is it

WEST Virginia’s time

The Mountaineers who have NEVER had a Heisman Winner have TWO very serious candidates this year. Another way of saying the same thing – if you think about it or just leave it to us – West Virginia in in the hunt for the 2007 National NCAA Championship. We can tell you they are # 3 in the first AP Poll of the season after their impressive victory Saturday.

So who are these


They are Quarterback Pat While excuse us BLACK Quarterback Pat White last season’s NCAA Offensive Player of the Year who should have been on the 2006 Heisman list ( certainly if Brady Quinn was ) but who wasn’t. And premier Running Back excuse us BLACK Running Back Steve Slaton.

Sure you have heard some Brain Dead Sports commentators claim other teams have had TWO legitimate Heisman candidates at the same time but its most times it’s some drug induced haze or brain damage speaking. But this is for REAL. Yes it is very early but it is also NOT inconceivable come December White and Slaton might be the TWO athletes in NYC battling it out for The Trophy.

While they both and

their team are on their way

to the Championship Game

call it plausible and


Saturday ‘s results say it all. West Virginia at home walloped Western Michigan 62-24.

OOUCH. Sure they are a lesser opponent. but they punished these Broncos about as much as the law and propriety allows. White threw for TWO TDs and ran for TWO TDs. For those who are math challenged that’s FOUR TDs for Pat White. Passing he was 10-18 for 192 yards and he ran for another 97 yards.. Again we’ll do the math for you. That’s 289 Total Yards..

As Starting QB for his 3rd season

Pat White is now 16-2

there is a name for it


Then there is Steve Slaton.

White’s equal in the Backfield. And just as potent a Threat every offensive play. Slaton started off Saturday slowly gaining only 21 yards in the first half while White did most of the work. Then Slaton got to work and ran for a 58 yard TD early in the 3rd Quarter. Overall Slaton ran for 109 yards and guess what just like White he is a DUAL threat in his case an outstanding Receiver. Slaton had 2 receptions for 51 yards. Again we’ll do the math for you. That is 160 Total Yards for Steve Slaton. Slaton also had FOUR TDs just like White. For Slaton it was THREE running TDs and ONE receiving TD.

As a result of this Dynamic Duo West Virginia had its highest scoring opening game since 1988. That’s in 19 years, and its most productive game since it ran over Rutgers in 2001 by the score of 80-7. By the way White and Slaton did not even play the entire game in amassing these stats.

Get this their Backups took over in the 4th Quarter, Sophomore Quarterback Jarrett Brown and Freshman Running Back Noel Devine, and they put together their own notable scoring drive.. Should we mention these TWO West Virginia Stars of the Future are also BLACK. Of course we should !

With White such a Threat to both pass and run and Slaton equally a Threat to run and receive we can certainly argue the West Virginia Mountaineers will be the single most exciting team to watch this NCAA season. And when they combine on those long passing TDs it will equally contribute to their Total Points and their Heisman statistics as we march inexorably toward December and New York.

What is absolutely certain

what cannot be denied

there’s NO combination

in college football

this season like

Pat White and

Steve Slaton

TWO Outstanding

Black Mountain Men

watch them ALL

season long !

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