Three More Makes 512 Homers For Frank Thomas

Updated: September 18, 2007



How often do

most MLB players

hit 3 HRs in one game

in their careers


How often has

Frank Thomas


After Monday night’s stellar performance against the Boston Red Sox. Thomas indeed merited the accolade One Man Wrecking Crew in Toronto beating struggling Boston 6-1. Thomas supplying 5 of those RBIs.

But there was more

Those 3 HomeRuns brought Frank Thomas’ MLB total to 512 tying him with Ernie Banks and Eddie Matthews for # 18 on the All Time Leaders List.. Thomas is now trailing Alex Rodriguez who he will never catch by 4 HRs.

But if the 39 year old Thomas plays another season as DH for Toronto a very good likelihood then next year he should surpass Ted Williams and Willie McCovey with 521 HRs and maybe Jimmie Foxx with 534, Mickey Mantle with 536, and Mike Schmidt with 548 concluding as the 13th most prolific HomeRun Hitter of all time as Alex Rodriguez all the while continues to rise one place higher than Thomas might otherwise achieve next season.

As for this season Frank Thomas already has 25 HomeRuns with 2 weeks left in his regular season which should produce another 4-6 HomeRuns in 2007 which will still leave him shy of. Williams and McCovey until 2008. Thomas other 2007 stats are batting average .

,271, 91 RBIs and a .460 Slugging Percentage as of early Tuesday evening before the next Red Sox game. With a Power Surge the final 2 weeks of this season Frank Thomas is within range of having a 30 HomeRun and 100 RBI season putting him in an Elite Class.

Now let is turn to our favorite source

Wikipedia for some bio for you

” The Chicago White Sox picked Thomas seventh in the first round of the June 1989 draft. Thomas played first base during the early part of his career and was not known for his defense. He never won a Gold Glove at the position, and has played primarily as a designated hitter since turning 30 years old. Rather, Thomas is known for his offensive performance; some regard him as one of the best pure hitters in baseball’s history. ”

” Thomas is the only player in major league history to have seven consecutive seasons of a .300 average, and at least 100 walks, 100 runs, 100 runs batted in, and 20 home runs (from 1991 to 1997). The only other player to have more than five consecutive seasons accomplishing this feat was Ted Williams with six. ”

” This accomplishment is even more remarkable considering that despite playing only 113 games in 1994, due to the labor stoppage which curtailed that season prematurely, he still was able to attain these lofty numbers, thereby keeping the streak alive. ”

” Additionally, there are only five players in history who have both hit more home runs and have a higher career batting average than Thomas (Hank Aaron, Jimmie Foxx, Mel Ott, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams), which is one statistic alone that is likely to get Thomas elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.”

You can read much more at Wikipedia

Frank forgive us for not

including even more of

your illustrious career

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you will be


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