The Ongoing Attacks Of African-American Males In Football

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: September 21, 2007


CALIFORNIA — 2007 started out just wonderful for Black males in professional football. Two African American head coaches were battling for the Super Bowl in January 2007. Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy made African Americans all over this country very proud and very happy.

Well, I guess the backlash has started. The slave-master mentality has struck the National Football League this year. The NFL has turned into the new plantation with the African American players as slaves and owners as masters. The new modern stadiums are similar to the ancient coliseums in Rome.

Today’s NFL crowds are just like that of yesterday cheering the hard maiming hits just as the Romans cheered the deaths of their players in mortal combat.We have not changed that much. Make the owners, fans, and media happy by winning games and sacrificing their bodies

The NFL hired a young law and order man, (Roger Goodell) a well groomed white male, good looking, well educated with an Ivy League style to serve as commissioner, to clean up the league.

The new modern black football players apparently have a little thug inside of them and it comes out when he is not on the field. These young males go to bars, clubs, wearing gold chains and drive big cars. This is the player of today. A culture clash between the commissioner, owners, and the players has evolved. A clash that is now being played out with fines, suspensions, and releases.

The new commissioner (master) is now the caretaker and chief sheriff of the NFL. The roles are becoming very clear. Gene Upshaw, NFLPA president, is now the House Negro carrying the message to the troubled African American players (Field Negro) from the commissioner and owners.

The genesis of this downward progression started with the Cincinnati Bengals football players on many police blotters the past two years. The list is as long as a Broadway Boulevard, the black and orange clad Bengals have visited various jails all over the country this year. It was so bad for this team the commissioner created a new internal commission for troubled players.

Commissioner Goddell has suspended four African American players Tank Johnson (Bears/Cowboys), Adam “Pacman” Jones (Titans), Frostie Rucker (Bengals), and Michael Vick (Falcons) for rules violations while only enforcing a fine on a white head coach (New England’s Bill Belichick) without suspension and a white player (K.C.’s Jared Allen) arrested for DUI had his sentence commuted and reduced.

Obviously rules are not the same for this new commissioner. The road is still difficult for African American football players. The cycle continues.and it does not matter if you are young or old.

60-year-old O.J. Simpson was released on bond this Thursday after running afowl with the law. The infamous Simpson was arrested in Los Vegas for alleged kidnapping, robbery, and conspiracy to commit. This simple event just brings back all the memories of the historic murder trial in Los Ang., California almost twenty years ago.

The cycle continues. In January of this year, two University of Michigan football players were arrested for aggravated assault and battery on another Ann Arbor student. 19 year old Christian Richards, a reserve defensive back and 19 year old Carson Butler tight end from Detroit were charged.

Butler was later cleared of all charges while Richards had to serve probation and pay restitution. Neither player will be playing for the Wolverines because they were released in March. It is doubtful if either will ever play football again. The cycle continues.

These indiscretions include Black high school scholars and college athletes. 17-year-old Genarlow Wilson, a Georgia high school senior, had sex with a friend and found himself facing a 10-year sentence for oral copulation with a minor. Both Wilson and his friend were underage and had consensual sex.

The act was caught on video tape. Wilson was convicted of child molestation and is now in his third year in federal prison. This has been called a grave injustice by many Americans Black and white. Wilson was a star high school quarterback and was on his way to college.

Wilson was an honor student and an overachiever on the football field. Now, he is a felon without a scholastic future in football. The cycle continues. To go further on this point 3.6% of all black players were arrested last year while .015% of non black players were arrested. Mull over those percentages, it is categorizing!

In general, the myth persists that more black males get arrested than white males. Black males are just entertainers, athletes, and singers nothing else. They are not nice people thanks to the American media and entertainment industry. The NFL has just extended this concept in 2007.

Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Donovan McNabb stated this week that a Black player still has to be twice as good as their white counterpart even then he will still be criticized for his performance on the field.

The cycle continues. Needless to say, t hese are definitely troubling times for African Americans on the football field and in the field of society.