Question Leftwich To The Rescue Back From The Dead

Updated: September 19, 2007



Thank God for

Atlanta’s problems

if you are Byron

Leftwich who

might have

been gone


If not for Michael Vick’s problems ( not being Bill Belichick ) and Joey Harrington being so ineffective a replacement and most unfortunate of all DJ Shockley’s pre-season season ending injury. If not for these related events it appeared Byron Leftwich might be done following his surprising release by Jacksonville.

Instead Leftwich has found

NEW Life in Atlanta


As B AD as Joey Harrington has been “leading” the Falcons to a 0-2 start as Starting QB scoring all of 10 points in 2 games still Leftwich who just joined the team is in no position to Start Sunday no matter what. If Harrington pulls off a Miracle and leads Atlanta to Victory against Carolina …..

Were Atlanta to actually win Sunday Leftwich might not even Start the following Sunday against Houston. In fact there are NO assurances Leftwich will Start for Atlanta at all but it is a very good possibility. Whether he keeps that job once he does is another story. But at this stage in the season and with Atlanta hobbled and the choice being either Harrington or Leftwich ……

Don’t bet against Byron

Actually if you like LONG odds this could be Leftwich’s salvation salvaging a decent season for Atlanta he would be in the “running” ( sadly something he doesn’t do well ) to begin next season with the Falcons as their Starter.

But let’s not get Leftwich

too excited yet

Let’s remember how ineffective and injury prone Leftwich was to fall from grace so fast and so far with the Jacksonville Jaguars who unceremoniously CUT him right before this season began after previously being hailed as their Leader of the Future and after a fabulous college career at Marshall.

Guess this is a good point for a few quotes from Byron himself. Quotes from athletes are always interesting in context if not often amusing,

Here’s Byron ….

“The last couple of weeks have been tough on me,” said Leftwich, cut the week before the season started by the Jaguars. “I appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to doing whatever I can to help our team.”

Better yet Joey Harrington …..

“I don’t worry about things that are out of my control. The thing that I control is how I prepare and how I go out and play. There are times in my career when I may have let something like that distract me, worry about what it means or worry about what could happen.”

“Byron is the type of player who can help this team. That’s what the National Football League is about, getting wins and bringing in players that can help this team win. It’s not something that distracts me from what I’m supposed to do. We have to win games.”

glad you are not WORRIED Joey

( you should be ! )

And from a Falcons fan blogging …..

” Well a QB battle may be a good thing. This team looks a little uninspired, or at the very least lacks a belief in their current leader. This team has a defense that deserves to have a comparable offense. Why not let them battle? If the first two weeks are any indication of what we can expect, I say try Leftwich. The defense and the fans deserve better.”

So life goes on in the NFL

this early 2007 season

while Belichick walks free

having friends in HIGH places

and others suffer for their sins

and down in Atlanta

they try to salvage

something IF

Leftwich can


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