One Billion For The Cubs African Americans Need Not Apply

Updated: September 24, 2007

The Rich get Richer and

African Americans don’t

SameOle SameOle

Baseball & Life

In 21st century America buying ANY MLB, NFL or NBA franchise really is a license to print money. With maybe one or two very rare exceptions within the U.S at least for years and years to come if not for every there are going to be just as many MLB, NFL and NBA franchises as there are today.

If there is international expansion

so much better for the value

of ALL franchises

Additionally high demand entertainment including MLB, NFL and NBA are largely immune to economic downturns just as the entertainment industry did fabulously during the Great Depression because temporary Escape from life’s woes was all the masses had to look forward to in their dreary lives.

The point is ……

IF you could buy an MLB, NFL or NBA franchise GRAB it. You can’t help but make money and even if your operational profits may vary from market to market that is Chicken Feed the real value is the ever escalating value of the Asset. You will NEVER resell any of these franchises without making yourself a BIG profit.

But why sell ……

The value of a major sports franchise can be measured in far far more than direct asset value. Far more valuable than even money is POWER and all these franchises deliver loads of POWER to the owners in all kinds of ways. Sorry we are NOT doing a lecture on Power today. You can figure it out yourself.

Which brings us back to the Chicago Cubs

who were the subject of Monday’s Box

but today it is about Money & Power

Whether the Chicago Cubs become World Champs or not at the end of October they are going to be sold by the new owner Sam Zell who sees the team for what it is a very valuable asset to sell to payoff a chunk of what it cost him to buy the Triune Company earlier this year. Turbulence in the markets will do nothing to hold down the astronomical valuation of Sports Franchises.

Earlier talk that the Cubs would bring $ 500 Million – $ 600 Million has given way to the $ 1 Billion Dollar figure being openly discussed. Which of course will set a new floor for the value of Franchises especially those in Major Cities.

If the Cub are now worth $1Billion what are the New York Yankees or even the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies and al the rest worth let alone NFl teams like the Jersey Giants and Jets, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, etc.

Way back in the Spring MLB Commissioner Bud Selig offered the Box a quote when we did our first story about the probable sale of the Cubs. Selig told us he would be glad if African Americans successfully bid on the Cubs and became the First Black Franchise in MLB history.

Of course it was EMPTY rhetoric

Selig has done NOTHING

to promote Black


If you don’t get it yet after we spelled out the VALUE of these Franchises and that it is IMPOSSIBLE not to make money buying them – and use them as collateral for other investments if you like – and that even you could get funding to BUY an Major League Baseball franchise …….

THE FACT IS THERE IS NOTHING PREVENTING BLACK OWNERSHIP OF THE CUBS except that Bud Selig and the 30 current owners have NO interest in opening the door finally to Black ownership. This is a tightly controlled “club” of Super Rich White Guys Gentiles and Jews and they see NO need for an African American at the Table.

Take a look at the favored candidate

to buy the Chicago Cubs

Madison Dearborn Partners LLC a huge if little known investment firm headed by Patriarch John A. Canning, Jr. ( photo below ) which has 21 Managing Directors, 9 Vice Presidents, 14 Associates, and a Professional Staff in addition and among ALL of them you will NOT find even one African American. Although we can say with certainty there are African Americans in the Mail Room of course.

So not only won’t African Americans be purchasing this Very Valuable Asset at this point the favored potential buyer is a Large Lilly White Firm of professional investors who may purchase the Chicago Cubs for $1 Billion for ONLY one reason because it is a RISKLESS investment. They can’t help but make money whether they keep it long term or resell the team after a few years.

But that is not the Biggest Problem

the Bigger Problem is that

African Americans will

let it happen without

even a murmur


time to get


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