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Updated: September 11, 2007


DJ Shockley


Four NFL teams have

BIG problems we

are here to solve for

them at NO cost



All 4 share the “distinction” of having suffered what we call Humiliating Loses in their first game of this 2007 NFL season. In the case of the 2 New Jersey teams the Giants and Jets their Starting Quarterbacks got banged up and while they might still be called into service Sunday they should not.

As for the Falcons and the Bears they are even in worse shape with “healthy” Quarterbacks. In the absence of Michael Vick the Falcons have handed over Starting Quarterback responsibilities to Joey Harrington who produced nothing but a disastrous Defeat last Sunday against Minnesota losing 24-3.

Then there is the Chicago Bears’ Rex Grossman the ONLY question worth asking about Rex Grossman is WHY in heaven’s name is he the Starting Quarterback for the Bears. Or any NFL team ??

The Bears made it into the last SuperBowl in spite of Grossman and not because of his Quarterbacking. His performance in the SuperBowl proved it as the Indianapolis Colts rolled over the Chicago Bears to win the Championship no reason easier to identify than their LOUSY Quarterback who is still Starting !

So what is the ANSWER

for these 4 winless teams

with MAJOR problems

The best answer possible.

Start your BLACK Quarterback and spark your teams to life. Except the Bears do NOT have a Black Quarterback on their roster making it more difficult as we’ll explain. And the Falcons’ is recuperating from Surgery.

First up the New Jersey Giants who have veteran Quarterback Anthony Wright currently listed as their “third” string QB. When Eli Manning was pulled injured in the 4th Quarter against Dallas Coach Coughlin did not call on Wright instead the Fattest Quarterback in the NFL Jared Lorenzen.

Dallas 45 Giants 35

QB Jared Lorenzen


7 yards passing

1 pass completion

Earlier in the day the New Jersey Jets who are going nowhere but home at the end of the regular season began yet another season “led” by Quarterback Chad Pennington who ought to do the Jets and his body a favor and RETIRE. Instead he was his usual feckless self as the New England Patriots ran over the Jets with Pennington in there until an injured hip forced his exit.

So who does Coach Eric Mangini send in to complete the game Backup Kellen Clemens while young Brad Smith a legendary Black Quarterback at the University of Missouri stood on the sidelines ignored by Mangini while Backup Clemens was no more effective than had been Pennington against the New England Patriots as the New Jersey Jets were destroyed 38-14.

Moving down to Atlanta new Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino has decided upon Joey Harrington a retread QB as Michael Vick’s replacement for this season if not longer. So how did Harrington respond by producing a resounding Falcons loss to .the Vikings and without scoring even one TD.

While the Falcons TRUE Quarterback of the Future of University of Georgia fame D.J. Shockley is currently unavailable. He was injured in the pre-season requiring surgery and is unlikely to play this season That is especially Sad since rumor is that the Falcons are so unhappy with Harrington they are thinking of dealing for Cleveland Browns reject Charlie Frye.

Over in the Windy City – made even windier by the presence of Rex Grossman – the ultimate humiliation of last Sunday. The Bears of SuperBowl “fame” were trounced by the San Diego Chargers 14-3. As with the Atlanta Falcons the Chicago Bears did not score even one TD. Their SuperBowl (sic) Quarterback Rex Grossman passed for all of 145 yards.


It seems Black Head Coach Lovie Smith has had some spell cast over him since it appears he will start Grossman again and again no matter what. Rex Grossman Quarterbacking is the biggest MYSTERY in the NFL.. How bad is Grossman. If Smith woke up and tried to trade Grossman none of the 31 other NFL teams would even give their empty Gatorade bottles for him.

While this Debacle is taking place with the Bears they CUT last season’s NCAA Championship Game MVP Chris Leak from the roster before last Sunday. Chris Leak who had an amazing college career Quarterbacking for the University of Florida. Chris Leak who led the Gators to a 13-1 record last season and to a 41-14 romp in the BCS Championship over # 1 Ohio State.

Chris Leak who broke most of the existing Quarterback records at Florida most of all surpassing Florida’s most “famous” football name Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel, amassing the most passing yardage of any Quarterback in the entire history of the University of Florida was CUT by the Bears.

So that is the Story

IF the world was

what it should be

BLACK Quarterbacks

would be Starting Sunday for





but they won’t


continues ……

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Kevin Everett