Bombshell Leftwich Fired

Updated: September 1, 2007



It’s certainly NOT

LABOR Day Weekend

for Byron Leftwich except if

you want to equate LABOR Day

with VACATION time

it is going to be a very

LONG Labor Day for




Yes life is filled with Surprises. As usual they are often NEGATIVE Surprises for most of us most of the time. Byron welcome to the “club.”

SO WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE ?? On Friday Jaguar’s Head Coach Jack Del Rio and Jaguars’ management said “osta la vega” To Byron a SHOCKED Byron Leftwich who was going through pre-season blithely thinking he was The Man when it turns out he is the ODD Man Out.

There is GOOD news here but ….

we’ll get to that later

The Jags drafted Leftwich # 1 four years ago at at time when he was being hailed by many the Best QB coming out of college.

4 disappointing seasons later Byron is now officially a “pumpkin.” He has been injury plagued but that may be more the excuse rather than the reason Jacksonville gave him the Quarterback Boot.

LOUSY performance is really the Cause. And more ….

Still as the Franchise QB and without any hint this was coming it does amount to a major SHOCKER. Del Rio is so disappointed the Jags did not even bother doing the obvious trying to trade him for something anything. Unless someone makes an unexpected offer they are releasing him this weekend. Even less reason for any other team to bother with a trade since they can pick up OUT OF WORK Leftwich on the Cheap if they have any interest.

There may have ben another factor here in spite of Leftwich’s chest beating during pre-season that is ATTITUDE which the team labels POOR which may be their excuse for so unceremoniously dumping Byron.

Now this comes on the heels ( get it boots heels ) of a promising pre-season by Jacksonville. They finished their warm up season 3-1, second best in the NFL with a group of other teams, and scored 100 points, second only to Houston with 104, and defensively among the lowest points allowed with 64. Except that obviously the team does not give any of the credit to Byron.

Indeed Leftwich was decidedly unimpressive in the 3 pre-season games he played passing for 226 yards and 10 of 36 completed passes. Actually neither all that good nor all that bad. Certainly there are plenty of other QBs in the pre-season with comparable stats who did not get CANNED.

Obviously there is more going on here. We may have to wait for the book Leftwich will have plenty of time to write IF he can’t find another Quarterback job. Unlikely but more of that in a moment.

Let’s bring in the other key “actor” in this Drama.

THIS IS THE GOOD PART. Another African American Quarterback will take Leftwich’s place as STARTING QB his very impressive former back-up David Garrard. That is VERY good news. Ever see that happen before.

The Jags are the ONLY team in the NFL that has EVER had ALL Black Quarterbacks on its Roster. And likely will remain the ONLY team to do so to sometime into the 24th century or later.

If Maya Angelou in some very weird altered state of “consciousness” could get away with back in the 90s labeling Bill Clinton the FIRST Black President without everyone ending up in emergency rooms “dying” of laughter, well then we might as well say Jacksonville owner Wayne Weaver deserves to be called the FIRST Black NFL owner because there is NO other NFL owner who would ever carry THREE Black Quarterbacks any one season let alone now FOUR in a row a record not to be duplicated EVER in this universe.

So that is The Story.

Most of it anyway. David Garrard who has been Starting often the past few seasons in Leftwich’s injury induced absence and who had a great pre-season will officially become Jacksonville’s STARTING Quarterback. There are those who always felt Garrard is a better QB and unlike Leftwich, Garrard is a dual threat who can throw well and run well It is very likely Jacksonville will have a better season with David Garrard secure as Starting Quarterback.

AND ……

There might actually be an even HAPPIER ending for Leftwich – just don’t count on this rumor – there is talk that the Kansas City Chiefs and specifically Head Coach Herman Edwards may be “excited” about signing Leftwich and get this making him their STARTING Quarterback replacing Brodie Croyle.

IF not it will be another SURPRISE if some other team will not be willing to add him to their roaster if only as a side line prowling back-up. Just in case.

Just keep in mind

that very true saying

life is STRANGER

than Fiction and another

the unexpected is often

what we should expect

now Byron Leftwich

has become further

PROOF and for

your extra pleasure

here is a Box about

Garrard from 12 / 05


Not surprising Notre Dame Black Quarterback Demetrius Jones was pulled from the game by Charlie Weis even before the first half ended. Jones was the victim of an outrageously BAD Irish offensive line that offered him no protection whosoever against a far better Georgia Tech.

So Weis brought in his other back-up his White Back-up to Notre Dame’s “real” Quarterback Jimmy Clausen. The other guy did not fare any better into the 4th Quarter when as expected finally The Golden One was brought into to QB signaling – you can bet on this – that Jimmy Clausen will now START every other Notre Dame game this season and Demetrius Jones will probably never again QB even a single down for the Irish and the ONLY way he will play at all IF at all for the next three seasons is as a Wide Receiver or maybe running back.

O yes the Final Score

Georgia Tech 33

Notre Dame 3

One of the worst defeats in Irish football history !

and to make it worse in South Bend

and guess who will be the SCAPEGOAT

if you need a hint think

Tyrone Willingham

the last BLACK


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