BASN’s NFL Power Rankings: Week Two

By Lloyd Vance
Updated: September 14, 2007

NFL Power Rankings

PHILADELPHIA — What a week in the NFL as the first week brought surprises (Texans dominating Chiefs, Packers beating the Eagles due to special teams “gifts”, and the Panthers getting a road win in St Louis), non-surprises (Atlanta struggling behind Joey Harrington), cheers, and tears (sorry, Eagles fans) that only NFL drama can provoke.

1. Colts (1-0) — They backed up their title with a dominating 41-10 win over the upstart Saints. The Colts now must beat their nemesis the Titans and V.Y.

2. Patriots (1-0) — Enough with the cheating allegations. When you win 38-14 you did it between the lines. Play grudge match against the Chargers.

3. Chargers (1-0) — Shut down the Bears and harassed Grossman into turnovers in a 14-3 slugfest. LT wants the Patriots and he will see them this week.

4. Panthers (1-0) — Delivered a shellacking running and throwing the ball versus the Rams. They now take on the upstart Texans.

5. Steelers (1-0) — Mike Tomlin had his team ready and they whipped up on the poor Browns. Now they face Bills in a game they should win.

6. Cowboys (1-0) — They need to work on their defense, but they put up 45 points and they have a plethora of weapons. Will battle Dolphins in week 2.

7. Bears (0-1) — Lost to the Chargers in a physical battle, but if they can get consistency on offense look out. Face lowly Chiefs in week two.

8. Broncos (1-0) — Squeaked one out on the road in Buffalo . They will need to save their timeouts and make more kicks to be a contender.

9. Saints (0-1) — The Colts totally shut down their offense, but look for a rebound this week against divisional rival Tampa Bay.

10. Bengals (1-0) — The Bengals weapons came through for them against the Ravens, but they were sloppy in the win. Should destroy the Browns.

11. Seahawks (1-0) — They won against the lowly Bucs, so I need to see more against division rival Cardinals.

12. Ravens (0-1) — They are beat up, but they almost won even though they turned the ball over 6 times. They now face the Jets.

13. Eagles (0-1) — McNabb was average in game one against the Packers, but the problem was the returners. Hello Reno Mahe versus the Redskins on MNF.

14. Titans (1-0) — They ran the ball effectively versus the Jags, but they need more passing yards. Huge test versus the Colts.

15. Redskins (1-0) — Behind WR Randle El they won in OT versus the Dolphins. Now they have a big Monday Night test at Philly.

16. Vikings (1-0) — RB Adrian Peterson (My R.O.Y pick) showed why he is ready for the NFL. The Vikes now face division rival the Lions.

17. 49ers (1-0) — They could be this year’s breakout team after looking good versus the Cardinals, but they now must beat their rival the Rams in St Louis .

18. Texans (1-0) — Mario Williams is starting to live up to expectations and now they need to keep it going versus the Panthers.

19. Packers (1-0) — They now have won five straight, but they got a gift win versus the Eagles. We will see if they are for real against the Giants.

20. Jets (0-1) — Maybe it was the spy cameras, but I don’t think so, as they gotten blown out by the Patriots. Now they play the Ravens.

21. Jaguars (0-1) — Not even the suit on Head Coach Del Rio could help them stop the run against the Titans. Will look to rebound versus the Falcons.

22. Rams (0-1) — They lost Pro Bowl LT Orlando Pace and lost at home to the Panthers. They will look to rebound versus division rival 49ers.

23. Cardinals (0-1) — Maybe they can live-up to their expectations against the Seahawks after looking badly on offense versus the Niners.

24. Lions (1-0) — They beat up on the Raiders in week one, but now we will see if they are a contender or a pretender against the Vikings.

25. Bills (0-1) — Hopefully they will be able to win for Kevin Everett against the Steelers after a heartbreaker in week one.

26. Dolphins (0-1) — Lost a heartbreaker versus the Redskins in overtime, but they can redeem themselves against the Cowboys.

27. Giants (0-1) — A badly banged up team after posting 35 points in a loss to the Cowboys. Eli may not play against the Packers.

28. Chiefs (0-1) — They looked terrible in a bad 20-3 loss to the Texans. Will need LJ to carry them against the Bears.

29. Falcons (0-1) — We saw what Joey Harrington can do for the Falcons (Sacked 6 times and two interceptions for TDs). Hopefully he will be better vs. Jags

30. Raiders (0-1) — Daunte Culpepper will get his chance to play with McCown hurt and we maybe he can pull an upset against the rival Broncos.

31. Buccaneers (0-1) — This team is looking more and more like a train wreck. They looked listless versus the Seahawks.

32. Browns (0-1) — Romeo Crennel’s seat just got hotter after a bad loss at home to the Steelers. Look for “Golden Boy” Brady Quinn soon, maybe versus the Bengals.