BASN Classic BlackBox: Willie & His Die-Hard New York Mets

Updated: September 20, 2007

A BASN Classic BlackBox Last Updated: June 16, 2007 WILLIE & HIS DIE-HARD NEW YORK METS


Anyone who Doubts

the Mets will pull out

its journey into purgatory

rest assured,Willie Randolph

is still on the job

Sorry if you find our nomenclature jarring. But our job is to tell the Truth. And anyone who doubts Willie would be Manager of the Year is an IDIOT. Pure and simple.

Willie’s Dream Team is the stuff of Legends.

In only Randolph’s

Third Season

as Manager


The Story we will Tell

until the End of Time

again and again


it’s about

The Reality of Sports &

21st Century Racism

Willie Randolph had to wait TEN long years – since he was first clearly IDed as MLB Manager Material – before he FINALLY got his chance to manage in the Majors. While over those 10 years lots of White Trash were chosen to manage MLB teams.

OUTRAGED because I just called a bunch of ( now former ) White MLB Managers White. Trash.

GOOD. Time to wake up Boys & Girls.

The Only Reason

Will Randolph

had to Wait

TEN long years

is the Color of

his BLACK skin

Over that Decade some of the worst teams in the history of the Game beyond desperate to find a Manager to pump some energy into them passed by Randolph even as he was an integral member of the NY Yankee team WINNING World Series after World Series.


Even the NY Mets

hired one Loser

after Another

before turning

to Willie


Before their recent swoon Willie Randolph’s New York Mets were the BEST baseball team in the Major’s only two seasons and a few months after he took over as Manager the Metropolitans they were buried in the Cellar. The Joke of Baseball.


Even though the Mets are on an 5 game losing streak 2 games in front the second place Phillies.

2 1/2 games ahead of the ‘mighty’ Atlanta Braves. Let’s put this in Perspective. It looks like Omar’s ability to stand pat is proving to have been the wrong move.

Are the Mets Real trouble? No.

WHY. Because Willie Randolph is still guiding the ship and is Hungry after being literally humiliated for those 10 years criss crossing the country again and again for manager interview after manager interview NEVER to get the job while one Bozo after another did.

The Mets Secret weapon is Willie the LEADER of the Mets.

True, Omar’s made some questionable decisions. He traded Heath Bell, Floyd Bannister and Henry Owens and got nothing in return. All three are thriving with other teams. He re-signed Guillermo Mota, after his steroid admission and who seems to have lost his midas touch to hold games for closer Billy Wagner.

If Brian Cashman of the crosstown Yankees made those trades not much would have been said but playing second fiddle to Yanks in the mist of their current winning streak places Minaya under the magnifying glass of the shark infested NY media and rabid fans who demand the Mets sweep this weekend’s subway series.

Enter Super Willie

Willie has the Championship the World Series experience nobody else in Baseball has except Joe Torre. And Joe is no longer a match for Willie.

Joe is old and tired and bored and he manages a menagerie of misfits glued together with nothing but too much money even though coming into this weekends series they’re on a current winning if A-Rod flat lines they don’t have the energy or relief pitching to get to the Series.

The Mets are a different story

Pedro Martinez is due back early August

and all the injuries should have them back at

Full strength after the All-Star break.

But also because

Willie Randolph

knows how it feels

to ride up Broadway

in Lower Manhattan

in a wild Ticker Tape Parade

before millions of Fans

as a World Champion

he will ride to Omar’s rescue

and this Time October 2007

Willie Randolph will

be Leading the Parade

up Broadway

the first BLACK manager

to EVER Lead a Ticker Tape Parade

Willie do it for All of Us !

You are The Man.

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