BASN Classic BlackBox: Fattest Player In NFL Gets Big Deal

Updated: September 22, 2007
A BASN Classic BlackBox Last Updated: March 06, 2007 FATTEST PLAYER IN NFL GETS BIG DEAL ALL 372 LBS.


This is a story about Success

and just as much about Failure

the Failure of the NFL to

discourage FAT players

and the Success

Leonard Davis has gained

being very FAT in the NFL

if you call it Success being

much too FAT for your own good

If you were 372 lbs. ( and maybe even heavier in fact ) and you were anything but an NFL lineman or yes a Sumo Wrestler you would be urged at every turn for one very good and obvious reason to LOSE weight by doctors, family and friends.

Because it is decidedly UNhealthy to be 372 lbs. and to be even more blunt don’t expect to live long enough to “enjoy” old age if you are 372 lbs. At 28.

On the other fat gluttonous hand

in the too often Bizarre World of Sports

Leonard Davis is probably going out tonight and celebrating Big Time very BIG time probably downing a dozen Filet Mignons smothered in tubs of butter and washed down with a few gallons of Coca Cola and that’s before dessert or a late night snack or 10. Because Leonard Davis Late of the Arizona Cardinals – all too soon to become simply the Late Leonard Davis – just signed a mega contract for a Lineman with the Dallas Cowboys who announced they have “plugged” (sic) a BIG hole in the left side of their Offensive Line.

You can’t argue with that statement

The Deal with Dallas is for $ 50 Million. Of course this is NFL “funny” money. Chances of Davis ever collecting the full $ 50 Million border on remote. What he is guaranteed for destroying his health is $ 18.75 Million which includes a $ 16 Million signing bonus and $ 2.75 Million salary for 2007.

If he is smart – open to debate – he will put much of it into a very large medical savings plan for all his ailments later in life if he lasts that long. Davis collects the entire $ 50 Million if the Cowboys keep him around for 7 full seasons.

That amounts to a Bad Joke

The idea that a player approaching 400 lbs. already 28 years old is going to last 7 more seasons in the NFL is comparable to the Cowboys making you their Starting Quarterback next season. The real question for Leonard Davis is will he still be coherent and able to care for himself if he is still 372+ lbs. in 2015.

By the way Davis could lose his hard eating record as the Fattest Player in the NFL in the coming months. Their is a new NFL Draft coming up the end of April and there will probably be 32 NFl teams hoping and praying real hard some college lineman on the block actually comes in at a full 400 lbs. He’d probably be the # 1 Draft Choice. Leonard Davis was # 2 in 2001.

Wouldn’t that be something !

imagine having the Distinction

of being the first NFL team

in all of football history

with a 400 lb. player


what a marketing

Opportunity !

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