BASN Classic BlackBox: Back From The Dead Isiah Thomas’ Near Death Experience

Updated: September 13, 2007



Near Death experiences

can change people


Isiah Thomas has been there. Now he appears to be back from that Brink. The question now is has it profoundly affected him. Is there the OLD Isiah and the NEW Isiah. Today’s Box is there to explore this weighty issue.

Yes yes yes as we keep telling you

Sports is a Gateway to

Life Itself and the range

of Human Experience

Back long ago Shakespeare and many lesser geniuses took us deep into the soul of our existence. Plunging the depths of life itself. Using theatre and literature.

Today we are ‘blessed’ with the Theatre of Sports.

It is worth remembering how Thomas was hired by the Dolans two years ago pulling off a great deal for himself in his mind.

Leaving the “messy” business of coaching behind while Isiah ascended to the PRESIDENCY of the New York Knicks. The all powerful ruler of the team who answered ONLY to the Dolans.

Isiah sitting high in Madison Square Garden watching the action below. No need to worry about getting his very expensive designer suits drenched standing on the sidelines managing the action on the hardwood. No Isiah rather often leaving the confines of the Garden to travel the world in business class luxury to Europe and here and there looking for undiscovered talent for HIS Knicks.

It was ALL so wonderful

the life of the super executive

until it all rather quickly turned


As the Knicks descended lower and lower into NBA Hell pretty much the worst team in the League. And then it just got worse when Genius Thomas made the move of his new career and hired the GREAT Larry Brown GUARANTEED to revitalize the Knicks.

Right. In reality Brown took Isiah deeper into Basketball Hell and very very near DEATH with the Knicks.

And of course Isiah “near” Death

was given one last chance

by Zillionare Jim Dolan

” GO DOWN THERE ISIAH ” and coach the team yourself. Go buy yourself some cheap suits if you must. But get down there on the Floor with YOUR players. You hired most of them now go teach them how to play WINNING basketball. Or you are “dead” here in New York.

Then taking up the Challenge having no choice the Knicks began this season going from Bad to even Worse. And the ever more persistent BOOS in the Garden game after game were all for Isiah’s benefit.

One month into the season Dolan could have fired Thomas and no one no one anywhere would have protested and Dolan would have been acclaimed for finally doing something anything right with his hopeless basketball team.

And it was at that point

as bad as it might get

That Isiah’s very near death experience turned into the joy of rebirth as the Knicks began to win impossible after impossible OT games. Actually produced winning streaks until as of Friday these same New York Knicks now have the “glorious” won lost record of 16-21. Only 5 games below .500.

Guess what …

In the Wacky World of the NBA East that is fantastic. The Knicks are in 3rd place in the Atlantic Division ONE GAME OUT OF FIRST PLACE !! WHAT say WHAT…… that’s right. This is not a typo. Division “leading” (sic) New Jersey is 3 games BELOW .500 with their 16-19 record.

Praise the Lord Isiah

By the end of this Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend these same New York Knicks, Isiah Thomas’ New York Knicks just might just might be in FIRST Place in the Atlantic Division and still BELOW .500.

On a more practical even far more importantly the Knicks are believing and more to the point knowledgeable basketball observers believe the Knicks will actually make the play offs if they don’t have a complete relapse.

Now no one should count that out.

On the other hand the idea of the Knicks making the play offs even if they get knocked out in the First Round without winning even one game will be hailed as a life changing triumphant for Isiah Thomas and absolute certainty he will be saved. The way the Dolans work probably Thomas will be offered a new multi-year contract and a personal jet. And Isiah, it appears anyway, is actually having FUN back doing the messy sweaty job of coaching the Knicks.

Maybe there is a Message

in Isiah’s near death experience

for all of us or maybe Isiah’s

the luckiest guy in basketball

right now anyway

Isiah is Reborn !

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