ASU Defeats Michigan: The Biggest Upset In College Football History??

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: September 7, 2007
NORTH CAROLINA — Last Saturday, the Mountaineers of Appalachian State University, took their back-to-back Division I-AA Championship team on the road to “The Big House” where then No. 5 ranked Michigan Wolverines played them in front of over 100,000 fans at Ann Arbor.

The Wolverines have so many memories of great battles between their nemeses Ohio State, epic clashes with The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and historic endings with their rivals down the road in Lansing, Michigan, Michigan State University.

Most small schools like Appalachian State University would be intimidated by the “Larger than Life” Program like the Wolverines and all the glitter, glamour and appeal that surrounds their program, but this is not a typical school.

The small, but proud Mountaineers from little Boone, North Carolina, are champions and are battle tested. They know what it takes to win big games, close games including games on the road. They are well coached, talented, poised and thrive on the “us against the world”, “David vs Goliath” scenarios and like no other, are very successful in that position.

They are winners of two consecutive national championships and winners of 15 straight games including the playoffs which is something a team like Michigan and other Division I schools do not have to endure (Hint, Hint. Time for a playoff system in Division I-A football).

But was the victory over the Wolverines the biggest upset in college football history? Some would say yes, I would have to ponder that for a minute. Not because ASU didn’t play well and beat the No. 5 team in the country in their stadium in front of all of their faithful fans and deserve all the honor, praise and attention surrounding them.

It’s because The Mountaineers are a lot closer in talent, character, determination an ability to Division I-A college football teams than most of the mainstream media and football fans realize.

Let’s looks a their last two games aganst Division I-AA competition: Last season, t hey lost a winnable game against N.C. State losing 23-10 due to mistakes and miscues .

In 2005, they went to Baton Rouge and took a tough loss to perennial SEC power LSU 24-0. The game was close at halftime and closer than the final score would lead you to believe.

Let’s face it, the victory over Michigan was not improbable, it was inevitable. What’s even more exciting for The Mountaineers and their fans is the announcement from The AP that, beginning next week, all Division I teams will be eligible to receive votes in the AP top 25 college football poll.
With The Mountaineers and their fans riding high and heading home for their home opener against Lenoir-Rhyne (Hall of Fame Weekend), Kidd Brewer Stadium will be rocking after another victory at home and a likely National Ranking in the top 25.

Don’t worry Mountaineer fans, there will be no letdown here. Not with Coach Jerry Moore and his brilliant staff of teachers and motivators. They will be ready. The Mountaineers are simply playing the best College Football in the country on any level, maybe only matched by the defending Division I-A champions, The University of Florida Gators.

Some would say The Mountaineers are the king of the “mountain” Considering they are back-to-back national champions and possibly on their way to an impressive third straight title while the Gators are still celebrating their Title from last season.

The Mountaineers are great. The two-time defending NCAA Division I-AA Champions, winners of 15 straight games including the Playoffs. This article is not to dimish them and what they accomplished, it’s more about praising them for consistency in winning and doing it the right way.

They along with other schools who play on their Divisional Level are a lot closer to the “powerhouse” schools in this country in every way, shape and form. They strap on their helmets and pads, play hard and play to win just like Division I programs.

The differences in talent and ability narrows each year. You see in college basketball, get ready for it to occur in collge football. Impressive, talented, poised, together, a will to win, finishers, balanced, humble and grounded.
All attributes to describe this school, this team, their coaches and the great fans that support them and all the attributes that made them the Champions they are. Those who don’t follow the program are shocked by the win over Michigan, but those who do follow the program have knowned about the Mountaineers of Appalachian State University for quite sometime now.

It’s about time the mainstream media and the rest of the country recognizes and acknowledges Appalachian State University not as “The Little Champions from Boone”, but simply known as champions.