Alfonso 99 And Counting

Updated: September 23, 2007

Alfonso Soriano is one of

The Black Box Favorites

these last 6 long years

except for this year

until September

Soriano who has been one of the most popular players in the Majors in recent years for a combination of his Offensive Prowess and the lack of respect he has received despite his success was hired by the Cubs and their new manager Lou Piniella as a Free Agent this past off season for The Big Bucks,

Soriano was expected to anchor the Chicago Cubs latest drive for the elusive World Championship that has not been there for 99 very long years the longest drought in Major League history. In the first half of the Season Soriano proved somewhat of a disappointment based on Expectations.

All that has changed

the last few months

led by Alfonso Soriano

these Amazing Cubs

are now 3 1/2 games

in First Place in the

NL Central Division

Saturday’s very satisfying victory over Pittsburgh 9-5 with Soriano’s TWO HomeRuns setting the pace proves the point. Chicago is Sizzling having won 10 of their last 12 games with Alfonso getting a big dose of the credit. In September alone Soriano has hit 12 HomeRuns. The most of any Major League player this month. The most in September by any Cubs player since 1957 when Ernie Banks hit 13 a record Soriano may well break.

Alfonso has 31 for the season. Soriano’s other stats are 296. Batting Average, 65 RBIs, 165 Hits, 94 Runs, 39 Doubles, 5 Triples, 19 Stolen Bases and .550 Slugging Percentage. Not bad.

These are not Alex Rodriguez type numbers but Soriano has flirted with Greatness his entire career. Just as he played a pivotal role for the Yankees for 3 of 5 seasons Alfonso is proving his worth to Lou Piniella and the Cubs organization.

The entire Cubs team has been playing phenomenally. Let’s not forget Derrick Lee. They are the HOTTEST team in Baseball. While still not assured of a Division title or even a Wild Card for that matter with one week left in the regular season their prospects are more than Promising. It would take a Total Collapse by the team Alfonso Soriano included to deny them. It is not a likely outcome.

So while the Cubs are

very very far from that

World Championship

they’ve craved 99 years

with Soriano leading

the Way they are

far closer than

they’ve been for

years and years

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