A Closer Look: Judah and Peterson

By Tom Donelson
Updated: September 9, 2007

Gloves IOWA CITY, Ia. — Zab Judah made his comeback against Edwin Vasquez and looked sharp.

Yet, questions remained. Teddy Atlas predicted Judah would knock out Vasquez in short order but Vasquez came up with a perfect game plan that not only allow him to survive but be competitive.

Judah was the better, the more technically skill fighter but Vasquez showed himself to be resourceful and tough. This toughness allowed him to survive. He showed those skills that allowed him to be the undisputed Welterweight champion but the past two years have been years lost in the wilderness.

His recent lost to Miguel Cotto was a two-edge sword. On one hand, Judah’s courage in the ring was shown for the world to see. On the other hand, his lost to Cotto dropped him out of the Welterweight elites.

When combined with his losses to Mayweather and Baldomir, Judah stock fell and now Judah must now rebuild that stock to get back his status as one of the Welterweight best.

He’s still a sellable commodity but the Welterweight division is one of boxing’s deepest and Judah needs to beat one of the division marquee names before he can regain that status as one of the elite fighters.

After this fight, Judah showed himself to be a good fighter, even a very good fighter but there is a difference between a very good fighter and a elite fighter. Over the past three years, Judah never could beat the elite of the division and the only leading welterweight fighter he defeated was Cory Spinks.

When Judah traveled to the upper reaches of either the junior welterweight or welterweight, he lost. The only exception was his second fight to Cory Spinks. The difference between being very good and great is often slight but in boxing, slight means being ranked as the best or barely being ranked in the top ten.

Lamont Peterson is part of the Peterson brothers, two fighters who are preparing to make their move in their respective divisions.

Anthony Peterson is a knock out artist at the light weight and his older brother Lamont is targeting domination at the junior welterweights.

Lamont Peterson’s fight against Frankie Santos showed a fighter with all the skills.

Peterson has a variety of weapons to nail his opponent and they were all on display against Santos.

Left jabs setting up short wrights and left hook to the body slowed Santos down. Lamont, like his brother, have more than raw material but are well schooled fighters.

They possess the talent to become forces in lightweight and super lightweight division. Their goal is to fight top ten competition and eventually set up championship belts for portion of the titles in their respective division. After six rounds, Santos had enough and the fight ended.

Zab Judah is looking for one more shot at a title but he is a fighter on the outside, looking in. Lamont Peterson is prime to make that jump from prospect to contender.