Updated: August 26, 2007



We’re always looking

for another opportunity


biggest continuous


in Sports no not

Michael Vick

the outrageous LACK of

AFRICAN American

UMPIRES in Baseball

throughout its history

continuing until Today

likely forever and ever

Nobody else will tackle the issue. Not even the likes of Bill Rhoden noted Black journalist at The New York Times (most likely under orders from his “superiors”) who has no trouble highlighting other problems in Sports.

Time for our Mantra once again.

There have only been SIX African American MLB Umpires in the entire history of Baseball. There have probably been 1000 MLB Umpires in Major League history The first Black not until 1966 - 18 years AFTER Jackie Robinson entered the Majors – and NEVER ever more than TWO at one time. Today there are TWO African American Umpires out of a total of 70 MLB roster umpires.

NO new African American Umpire

has been hired this 21st Century !

and WHY today’s new Box ??

Because …….

Believe it or not this “fraternity” of Good Ole Boys that is institutionally RACISM is now represented by a BLACK lawyer.. An AFRICAN American aiding and abetting a RACIST organization. The only question is does he have a Clue OR does he even care OR is it actually possible he is working from a master plan to change the Lily White nature of MLB Umpiring ……

Meet Lamell McMorris….

the lead negotiator for

BOTH NBA referees

and MLB umpires

First Question.

So why didn’t we first speak with Lawyer McMorris BECAUSE we want to get REAL answers from him. Given the chance to con us of course he would.. He isn’t going to tell us as an African American he is upholding a Racist Institution is he. Besides he is already on the record “defending” himself..

What we will for do Mr. McMorris is give him FULL opportunity to respond to this Box, all the previous investigative Boxes on the subject and the issue at hand after this story appears and let our readers’ judge his response. Our job isn’t to be his PR agent in a situation like this which is indefensible.


So who is Lamell McMorris ….

First of all an ordained Baptist minister as well as an attorney. He claims to have studied at the feet of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King III, and that he follows in the footsteps of his own father he notes a civil rights leader. Again we ask and will ask again and again NOW representing a Racist Institution ?

Rev. McMorris is also a bona fide Washington Insider which might explain a whole lot. He heads a company Perennial Strategy Group a DC consulting and LOBBYING firm he founded five years ago.

Who works for the Perennial Group. ?

Their Website doesn’t say

Who are the clients of the Perennial Group ?

Their Website does not say.

Here is what the Website does say ….

” Perennial’s strength is in its diversity. Our leaders are former non-profit executives, CEOs, and Embassy and Capitol Hill and federal agency staff, who use their experiences to assist a wide range of clients in all types of federal business development and government relations matters. The Perennial Team works to ensure that our clients’ individual interests are represented and that they receive the support necessary to achieve their goals. ”

That certainly sounds “ominous”

or in DC insider jargon

all you need to know

you can read ALL about

Rev. McMorris in his official bio


He certainly presents himself as a BLACK leader

he belongs to a Who’s Who of Black organizations

But we know this you don’t become a successful LOBBYING firm in the Power Capital of the World DC assaulting the Status Quo. You make the Big Bucks worshipping the Status Quo and making the rest of us believe the Status Quo is really what we all need while they mostly steal our wallets.

The fact is Rev. McMorris should ONLY have agreed to represent a group that is 97% WHITE in American Sports if they SWORE to change beginning right now.. Does Rev. Mc Morris know the group he now represents MLB Umpires officially the World Umpires Association DOES NOT EVEN HAVE EVEN ONE AFRICAN AMERICAN AMONG ITS EXECUTIVES OR BOARD. Indeed has NEVER had a Black executives or board member ever.

The question is does he even care

there is NO evidence he does

The fact is he should NEVER

have taken the job UNLESS

both Bud Selig and the union

AGREED to end the blatant

institutional discrimination

against African American


tomorrow hear Rev. McMorris’

side of the Story IF he has

anything at all to say ??

on THIS subject not

ALL the “other” stuff

he may claim to do for

African Americans

we’re interested in

BLACK Umpires

Rev. McMorris


IF you watch or attend MLB games think when was the last time you EVER saw an African American among the FOUR Umpires on the Field. Or If you watch Saturday Baseball on FOX how many times have you seen an MLB Umpire. The answer is ONCE very early in the season.

And if you want the TRUTH

read our investigative series

from way back in 2002

NOTHING has changed


Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box ……. blackbox@blackathlete.net