Vick’s Case Is Bigger Than Anything We’ve Ever Seen To Date

By Greg Moore
Updated: August 1, 2007

SAN ANTONIO — If you are feeling for Michael Vick and you think this is reminiscent of the Duke lacrosse case, you might want to re-think your position. Granted, no one should be rushing to judgment on this case.

After all in this country we are presumed innocent until a court of law and either six or 12 of our peers find us guilty however when it comes to something as heinous as a professional athlete being a bank roller in dog fighting comes across our collective mindsets, bells and whistles should be going off.

However there are many who believe that this is nothing more than a witch-hunt on a successful black man. Maybe it is but it probably is not.

To be a witch-hunt, there has to be a conspiracy theory of some type out there. To date nobody that I know of in any of my circles of friends or professional acquaintances can give me an adequate and verifiable hypothesis of how Vick is the fall guy in all of this.

The most I have heard or read has come in the form of the use of race and saying, “Michael is being victimized because he is black and dresses a certain way”. Yeah, okay if that is the case can anyone answer to me why all of a sudden Vick is in a nice suit and clean cut from head to toe?

Because his lawyers have already tried to get him to understand the importance of appearances and that all of that “street cred” logic is a bunch of hooey.

More importantly, we have to look at the facts in this case and decide for ourselves where we will stand. Standing up for Vick because he is black is the worse thing we can do as a community because if the case goes in the way of being 1000 percent true, the black community gets a bad reputation as being color blind.

You can hope that Vick is totally innocent in the case but you don’t want to be naive, deaf, dumb and blind to the facts as they come out.

But how is this case different than the Duke case in which four young men who are White were accused of one of the most deviant crimes against a woman who is black?

The biggest thing is that this is a federal investigation and that everyone is seeking the truth for all the right reasons. We really do not know who the prosecutors are in this case and that’s a good thing.

The most we know about the judge is that he is fair and he allows the litigants to try their cases in his courtroom. That’s a good thing for Vick’s defense team. But most importantly it seems that he can get a fair shake and that is what is needed.

This case is as serious as anything we have seen in a long time. It goes beyond anything we know of from the O.J. Simpson case or the Kobe Bryant case of recent memory. Even the Ray Lewis case of a few years ago pales in comparison.

This is a celebrity whose name rakes in millions and now he is on the cusp of being shunned by the very sport that he loved so much. While we can agree with the NAACP that we should be fair in our assessment of this case, we also have to be realistic and understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people and this could be just one of those times this happens in our world.