Tiki Speaks Up Eli Manning Shuts Up

Updated: August 23, 2007

FREE at last

FREE at last

to speak his Mind

Tiki Barber is

doing just that


Last season when Tiki told the truth about the Giants coach, the Giants game plan and the Giants lack of spirit he was attacked for criticizing his own team. Well Tiki does not have that problem any more. He is RETIRED now.

And Tiki is speaking

UP as he should

Especially about Eli Manning.. Be honest doesn’t Eli remind you of an over sized Wimp who doesn’t have a Clue. We have to live in a world in which African Americans must still deal with the vicious stereotype they aren’t “smart enough” to Quarterback. But if you are White like Eli Manning you can be ever so Dump and teams will still fall over themselves to let you Quarterback. Guaranteed if Eli Manning’s skin was Black he would not be the Giants QB.

Why the vitriol ??

Because we are coming to Tiki Barber’s defense and complimenting him for speaking the Truth.

ELI MANNING IS NO LEADER. Say it again Tiki. Barber said Manning is “uncomfortable” about motivating his teammates.

A journalist coming to Manning’s rescue said this “Manning is known for a soft-spoken, easygoing demeanor that stands out in contrast to his more fiery and more accomplished older brother, Peyton.”

We’ll uncode that for you

Eli Manning is a WIMP

a big white guy who

doesn’t have a Clue

Thank you Tiki for telling the TRUTH. But of course “under orders” or just Kissing Up some of Eli Manning’s New Jersey Giants’ teammates also lined up to take his punches for him. Here is wide receiver Amani Toomer, “I don’t think there is anybody in this locker room who doesn’t believe in Eli as a quarterback,” Amani you get a extra practice day off ! Good work Amani !

Or how about center Shaun O’Hara “I don’t have any problems with Eli’s leadership and the way he does it. He does it his way. It’s a shame people want Eli to be different.” O’Hara an EXTRA steak for you at dinner tonight !

One more …

NO that’s enough

But let’s hear from Eli himself

Looking very uncomfortable in front of the media addressing Tiki’s criticism ever so faintly as he almost cried Eli said , “It’s just one of those deals where a guy goes into the media and he has to say stuff,” Manning said,. “That’s just the way it is. That’s the world we live in..” How sad to live in this world Eli. Gee who wrote that for you Eli was it Coach Coughlin or brother Peyton ?

Or this from Eli about Tiki …..

“I could have questioned his leadership skills last year — calling out the coach, retiring in the middle of the season — that he’d lost the heart.”

HE’D LOST THE HEART ??? What does that mean anyway Eli ?? As for Tiki “quitting” in the middle of the season maybe your brain “quit” in the middle of the season ’cause Tiki played every game raking up fantastic yardage to the very end MAKING UP FOR YOUR INCONSISTENT PLAY ELI !

Now we’ll find out how well Eli does without Tiki in the Backfield to save his Bacon game after game – with the team relying on Eli Manning’s “leadership” to make it to the Playoffs. Here is what one sanguine reporter had to say about Eli more TRUTH “No matter how Manning acts or what he says, his critics will only be quieted if he blossoms into the franchise quarterback the Giants continue to expect him to be. Though he has helped his team reach the playoffs each of the past two years, he has lacked consistency and been hurt by mistakes at crucial times.” Hear that Eli this guy’s picking on you too.

Eli had to call on Big Brother

Peyton to take on Tiki ….

“”I think (Eli) hit it on the head when he said Tiki’s made a very nice transition to the media world, and there’s some truth to that,” Peyton said. “Ex-players truly become ex-players right away. When they go (into the media), they feel like they have to criticize players. And maybe that’s what they’re supposed to do. You don’t know.” Maybe he’ll come to NJ and make Eli a better QB ?

Or just keep mouthing off like this ……

“I think quarterbacks are a unique fraternity,” Peyton said. “I don’t think anybody knows what it’s like to be a quarterback except a current quarterback. I think sometimes former quarterbacks forget what it’s like. It seems like more so the ones in the media. They forget how hard it is and what you have to go through. So I pull for all quarterbacks..”

And more Peyton on Eli …..

“You cannot play quarterback at any level, even junior high, without taking a leadership position,” he said, referring to Barber’s criticisms. Then he referred directly to Eli. “Three years in high school, three years starting in college, being in your fourth year (in the NFL) and taking a team to the playoffs twice, you are a leader and you’re a good leader.”

” The ones who aren’t leaders are the ones who don’t make it — at any level. So, yeah, I think you do get defensive when they get on (issues of leadership); it’s supposed to be part of the code, somewhat, teammate to teammate.”

Sure Peyton !


how do we know

Eli surrendered


Here are his

“final” words

about Tiki

“I made some comments and now it’s over in my eyes. I don’t want to make it into a bigger deal, so I’ll try to end it as soon as possible,” the Giants quarterback said. “I was just responding to what someone said and that’s it.”

Final Score

Tiki 1

( as in WON ) Eli 0

( as in ZERO )

“hope” you do better

on the field this season

show some leadership


rescue you !

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