Poll: Blacks Three Times More Likely Than Whites To Believe That Race Plays Role In Vick, Bonds Sagas

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: August 4, 2007

SYRACUSE, N.Y . — In a poll taken earlier this week on the popular website, YourBlackWorld.com, it was determined that whites and blacks have starkly different views on the Michael Vick dogfighting case, as well as the Barry Bonds steroid scandal.

In the poll, it was determined that while 14.5% of whites feel that the Michael Vick case has something to do with race, 46% of African-Americans feel that it does.

Dr. Boyce Watkins of Syracuse University, one of the individuals who constructed the questions for the survey, says that the results are not surprising. “Every time we have a controversy in America involving race, it’s always very clear that whites and blacks see it differently. The polls during Katrina, OJ, and many other tragedies showed similar trends.”

Watkins, who also serves as a contributing writer for the Black Athlete Sports Network and regularly discusses black athletes on CNN, ESPN and FOX, argues that an honest discussion about race in America is long overdue.

“It’s difficult for us to talk about race without trying to kill each other,” says Dr. Watkins, author of “What if George Bush were a Black Man?”

“It’s time that we had some actual honesty and healing instead of everyone saying that the other side must be insane.”

The poll respondents were also asked if Barry Bonds would be treated the same if he were white. While 75% of the white respondents said “yes”, only 39% of the black respondents agreed.

“Racism is considered to be the boogy-man in the closet for African-Americans,” says Dr. Watkins. “Whites don’t believe the boogy-man exists, and if they acknowledge him, they minimize any impact he may have.”

“But typically the last person to understand the disease of racism is the individual who has been infected.”

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